Fukushima nuclear reactors deemed stable

The Fukushima Daiichi reactors are in “a state of cold shutdown,”...

*Big sigh of relief*

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they add 8 tons of water an hour and have 60 cm left and they claim thje reactor has cooled?  what about thw water has leaked out thru the hole made n\by the melted core?  sure seems a lot more reasonable to me.  yes and thjere are 4 reactors there. the fourth was not being used then but it had rods stored in a saving pool that may have leaked.  there is also another reactor complex about 10 miles from no 1 that we hear nothoing about.

That does sound like a lot of radioactive water might be leaking. They don't give numbers comparing the amount they pump in to the amount they recycle.

i tell you. yesterday tokyo electricity said they were going to raise there charge on businesses from april. yesterday they also applied for huge input of funds from the government. this rt after there president pissed off everyone by acting and sounding as if he was completely innocent in the japanese parlement. and now it seems we are going to get our consumption tax raised.  if i was them guys i wudent push the japanese too far....



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