Steve doesn't usually share his Five Stupid Things pieces on here, but I thought, considering the topic of this week's piece, this one was worth dropping in.  Sure, fundamentalist christianity is an easy target and the hardest part IS only picking five, but the five he picks are very worthy of note.



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You're right, narrowing it to 5 is a formidable challenge, at best. If challenged myself, I suppose I would shoot for 1 - the willful promotion of ignorance. Ignorance leads to fear, intolerance, bigotry, a phony sense of persecution, and ultimately violence against those falsely perceived as out group enemies. All of which are the hallmarks of any fundamentalist sect; albeit christian, muslim, jewish, buddhist, hindu, or any other cult.

Excellent video! In my experience, most religious fundamentalists are intellectual illiterates with closed minds. This is especially true of the Jehovah's Witnesses who come to my door each spring. A few years ago I was asked by one of them why I was an atheist, to which I responded, "Largely, because of the behavior and ignorance of fundamentalists like yourself. People like you are a convincing argument for atheism."

I deeply respect this man and his thinking. A man worthy of hearing. Thanks Loren. 




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