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I just finished watching this video and found it so unnerving.  I'm not trying to start a political debate, but curious as to what percentage in the US actually decides who they will vote for in the manner.

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I would venture a guess that for the constituents of this forum the answer would be 0%

On the other hand, I wish there were lots of billboards like this:

Richard-  I would agree! As I watched the video, my initial response was that it was humorous... and then I felt a weight in my chest as I realized that many people will actually follow this advice in one way or another.  My question is, how many?  Do you think there are a large number of people in the U.S. who would take this advice, or a very small number? I think it is larger than I feel comfortable accepting.

That billboard is hilarious.

First off, that video is from a channel that seems to be a clearing house for batshit-crazy spittle-flecked extreme right rants… Lots of Worldnutdaily content.

"Do you think there are a large number of people in the U.S. who would take this advice, or a very small number? I think it is larger than I feel comfortable accepting."

It's definitely an unreasonably high number, pun intended.

(click to dimensionally aggrandize)

I've known people to vote on a candidates looks, whether they loved animals [only one old lady, but still], any number of logical and illogical reasons. This is only different because of the numbers of fundies who let others think for them. We are still outnumbered, but coming on.

I think this is why candidates pander so much and appear to flip-flop. Trying to get that little old lady who votes for the animal lover as her basis for a decision. People are a judjemental lot, amd most won't let logic and reason make their decisions. They have to feel it.

Although I think a vast majority of the American public is quite ignorant and uninformed about local/national politics and current events, I optimistically venture to say that people who are likely to vote in the manner recommended in the video is quite small.  That video is clearly geared toward the "Moral Majority" type of individual.  It is my understanding that despite the huge vocal, financial and political influence the Moral Majority has had on our political and social discourse they are, in fact, a relatively small group compared to mainline religious denominations.  Much is the same case with Jews who make up approximately 2% of our population.  Despite the fact that an overwhelming percentage of voters want their political candidates to have a religious affiliation, most are simply too mainline in their views to vote using the method in the video.  I think this is proven correct given the fact that Barack Obama was elected to office despite his known support of abortion, his left-leaning political and social views (relatively speaking of course) and the many dragged out hurdles he encountered questioning his citizenship, his religious affiliation and the overall racist overtones that surfaced during the election.  


GOD's recommendation for voting will be based on how big the OFFENDER pandering for god-believer's votes can open his BIG mouth - wide enough for a Boeing 747 airliner to fly through.

The number of GOD-panderer's is based on exactly what Christian sect you belong to - and their are so many - each doing their own thing regardless of what their ancient book of dust says.

While screaming, mouth wide-open - for all to see the goodness in his heart - screaching out GODLY scriptures and condemnations - VOTE for the one with the biggest wide-open mouth.

OMG, LOL, way to many Americans vote from the Bible and for irrational reasons. The even scarier fact is the president who appears in the media most handsome the four days before every election for over fifty years, ALWAYS WINS. The media has total control, except for when an asshole in FL rules on "hanging or dimpled Chads", getting elected by having political friends and a Supreme court that does not want to see a re-vote was wrong ang illegal. But while only 12 percent of adults under 30 vote, these things will happen.

My Mom is 74 and has always voted Republican because her parents did. I vote for Nixon for the same reason and have voted Democratic ever since. Ronald Reagan firing all the air-traffic controllers should have made America realize the president can even fire you if he wants to, and If you make to much for Republican FAT CATS, you will be fired. 

And atheist telling people to vote won't help. We need to Unionize Walmart, educate the poor and rally for voter registration for the Young, not insult Theists.


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