Fox News Op-Ed Says Women’s Nature Is To Be Dominated By Men

I beg your pardon! Where do you get your information? It certainly doesn't come out of population studies. Yes, there are

independent, active, aggressive, domineering men and there are also 
dependent, passive, subordinate, acquiescent men; just as there are 
dependent, passive, subordinate, acquiescent women and there are also 
independent, active, aggressive, domineering women. 

Sex-role stereotypes and clinical judgments of mental health.
Broverman IK, Broverman DM, Clarkson FE, Rosenkrantz PS, Vogel SR.
J Consult Clin Psychol. 1970 Feb;34(1):1-7.
Gender roles are as delusional as those who place labels on men and women. 

Some women have a natural inclination to enjoy babies and children, others loath everything about them. 
Some men have a natural inclination to enjoy babies and children, others loath everything about them.

To make such broad generalizations about men and women reveals lack of understanding and knowledge about sex role stereotypes and their long range harmful consequences. 

If a dependent, passive, subordinate male goes to a therapist and to get therapy to attempt to change him to be an independent, aggressive, dominate male, there can be psychologically negative consequences for him. The same is true if an independent, active, dominate females goes to a therapist and to get therapy to attempt to change her to a dependent, passive, subordinate female, there can also be psychologically negative consequences for her. 

Who says males should be aggressive and women should be passive? Sounds like that old time religion to me. That is sick psychology and delusional theology.
This makes as much sense as expecting all men and all women to be heterosexual. 
Nonsense! This is Dark Ages reasoning and does not stand up to scrutiny! 

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Sometimes, Joan, all you have to do is look at who is making the statement.  Mostly it's going to be a man, probably representing more men, projecting the stereotypical male mindset, originally endorsed by any number of holy books.  Oh, there may be women in there, too - women who have drunk the Kool-Aid, who have been raised from birth, immersed with the same propaganda which the link at the top of your piece refers to.

Personally, I see feminism as being on roughly equal footing with the GLBT movement and ours.  Not a one of them or us want "special" rights; what we want are EQUAL RIGHTS, to conduct ourselves and our lives as we see fit, free from pigeonholing, stereotyping, and artificial expectations, too often superimposed by people with their own agendas.

Powerfully stated. True to the core. 

I would like to re-educate aggressive "real men" by strapping them to chairs, giving them a little LSD, wiring their eyes open a la Clockwork Orange, and forcing them thusly to watch the movie, Ma Vie en Rose.  It is the tale of a small boy who knows he is a she and embarks on a journey of self-realization, defying enormous and, for most folks, crippling odds just in her struggle to BE.  At the end, when every eye in the screening room is wet, let them go back to their dominant alpha male world and see if they do not change their opinions.  I think they would.  But as I am a non-violent person who believes in Leary's First Law, I would never do such a thing.

The sad fact, James, is that there are men out there who are so immersed and suffused with the male myth that they cannot conceive of a man being anything other than a man.  They have no means nor empathy to consider such concepts as gender dysphoria.  They are likely as bad as the theistic True Believers we are up against.  Pardon me for being so pessimistic, but I doubt even the lysergic acid would make a difference, other than to freak them out.

Maybe I'm fulla beans ... but I don't think you can force that kind of change.

A lack of empathy is a trait of psychopaths.  Like any human condition, there are varying degrees of this disorder.  The less affected may come away a changed person with more understanding and compassion, but the more severely affected will not be emotionally swayed at all.  I just leaned, from a recent TED talk, that functioning psychopaths of varying degrees are actually quite more common in our society than previously thought. 

And Leary's First Law is? 

According to Mark Frauenfelder, Timothy Leary's First Law of the Molecular Age
"Timothy Leary's First Law of the Molecular Age: "Thou shall not alter the consciousness of thy fellow man.")"

Is this what you mean?

Two commandments for the Molecular age.

“We now have two commandments for the molecular age. The scientist must be prevented from experimenting on the brains of other people.

“Thou shalt not alter the consciousness of they fellow man.”

“Thou shalt not prevent thy fellow man from altering his own consciousness.”

I am badly undereducated; I don't watch movies; don't like movies; much prefer books and usually on natural science. My own choices limit my education opportunities. 


I don't watch Faux News unless someone directs me to an article that might interest me. It usually ends up making so peeved I have to write a rant in response. I suppose, when I get to be a really old lady, I will laugh at their foolishness. 

I agree with you, "What's so scary is that so many people believe it IS real news and watch it. UGH"

Suzanne Venker is a niece of none other than Phyllis Schlafly - so you know how brainwashed she is. From St. Louis' Riverfront Times:

She didn't drop far from the tree. 

"Dropped on her head" is more like it.

No I don't want to be dominated by men. They lie.

And Fox news op ed folks natures is to have their heads up their as*es.




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