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         Weapons of war are generally thought by the public to be guns, aircraft, bombs, gases, biological agents, troops, tanks and such material items. Yet, the most important weapon of war is the psychological, the propaganda and ideological campaigns waged both for and against the people on both sides of a conflict. These ideological campaigns must target and be waged at the most base emotions of the public. These campaigns must assert and prove that the war is sanctioned by religion and government and approved for the most altruistic of causes. In other words, the death of the enemy and the destruction of his power is my country’s and my God's most important work on earth. To die in such a war is to insure the security of the world and the future of one's immortal soul.

Place in war a people who believe those things with all their heart and you now have a willing death squad to place behind the guns, the bombs, the tanks, the airplanes, the factories and the ships. The secret and most important weapon of all wars is religious believers and their various gods. People who will believe an absurdity in their religious life will surely believe an absurdity in their political life. Governments want “sheep” (people) that will follow their orders and their authorities without question or dissention.

         Religion (and its attending doctrines and political beliefs) is not so much the cause of war as it is the excuse and emotional motivation for war. No war can be waged without the propaganda and ideological campaigns that stir the base emotions of people to a fever pitch either for defense or for offense. All the doctrines of all the religions and governments say, "I am right and all others are wrong." "I am good and the others are evil." "My God is the true God. Your God is non existent, a false and or evil god." "My government is God's government. Your government is the devil's government." Thus, with this weapon of religion, this belief in authorities, this belief in absurdities, all wars are fought.

         With this, I present to you the true evil of mankind, the true devil of civilization, the true enemy of peace and prosperity of the world. The very worst concept in the whole world and in the whole history of this earth is religious belief in the unbelievable claims of their authorities. If one is capable of doubting the unbelievable claims of his religion then he is capable of doubting the lying claims of his government. Religion is the most evil, the most destructive, the most tyrannical, the most disruptive, the most corruptive, the most seductive, the most injurious, the most ignorant, the most deceptive and the most evil concept ever conceived on this planet of our mother earth. Religion, and its attending beliefs, is a black hole devouring and eating the very heart and soul of mankind and his attempt to become spiritual and to become civilized. Religion possesses and consumes the government and its policies.

When I use the term “religion” it not only includes the Christian, Muslim, Hindu and such organizations, it is also inclusive of those of the dark side that worship and take their orders and concepts from their God, Lucifer. Usually in war, it is the dark side that is controlling both sides. Only those that have escaped the religions (both the light and the dark sides) are able to separate the good from the bad, the true from the false.

         Even if there were a God, no good or Just God could condone the use of a religion to destroy civilizations, individual characters and the lives of others. No good and just God could institute a religion that seduces the creativity of mankind and turns that creativity into killing and hating machines. No good God would command or condone genocide, murder, torture, starvation, cruelty, hatred, war, ignorance, deceptions, lies, theft of power, theft from the common treasury, destruction of nature's bounty, over population, cruel and unusual punishments, racism, elitism, censorship, prohibitions, manipulations of wealth, manipulation of history and facts, manipulation of knowledge and the manipulation of such an evil concept as religion. No good God would describe these Evils of religion as GOOD. No good God would invent these religious deceptions and ask mankind to engage in these civilization-destroying Evils. No good God could be so cruel and hurtful to mankind.

But, an evil God could and would. So which God controls all of the religions?

         If there were a devil who wanted to keep the earth in turmoil, the first thing I would expect him (her or it) to do would be to manufacture several different religions and claim that each one of them was the one and only divine and true religion and that all other religions must be destroyed or made subservient to the one and only true divine religion - yours.

Have a nice day!


Thomas Blaylock 
Updated: 06/2010

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Nice ironic ending.

Thanks for the post Patricia.

Empty minds are the ideal vessel for religious swill.

Nature abhors a vacuum, Jim ... and when the owner of the "vessel" doesn't discriminate about what fills it, someone else is bound to take advantage.


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