Imagine working in a radiation hazard zone, and your boss makes you wear a lead shield over your radiation detection badge. Isn't this a person version of what the nuclear industry does to the public?

Reports: Workers told to underplay Fukushima radiation dosage

A subcontractor urged workers at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant to put lead around radiation detection devices in order to stay under a safety threshold for exposure, according to reports. 

An executive in his mid-50s told the workers in December to attach the lead plates to the alarm pocket dosimeters that plant owner Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) had given them with to monitor exposure, sources close to the matter said, according to a report by Kyodo News on Saturday. 

Dosimeters can be worn as badges or carried as devices around the size of a smart phone to detect radiation.

Nine workers wore the lead plates around the devices once after the executive's request,...

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It's no longer just accusations.

Japan probes alleged cover-up at nuclear plant

Takashi Wada, president of Fukushima-based subcontractor Build-Up, acknowledged this weekend that the dosimeter falsification had taken place.

Health and Labor Ministry officials repeatedly issued warnings to TEPCO during the first few months of the crisis about the company's lax oversight of workers' exposures. Officials have also said TEPCO had several workers share a dosimeter not just early in the crisis when the equipment was in short supply due to tsunami damage, but even after a full stock had been regained.

Another group whose radiation exposure is hard to quantify, the children of who lived near Fukushima, are showing symptoms of radiation exposure.

And the sixth report   of the Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey, which was released in April, revealed after the survey examined 38,114 local children that 36 percent of Fukushima children have abnormal thyroid growths.

The Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey revealed that 13,460 children, or 35.3 percent, had thyroid cysts or nodules up to 0.197 inches long growing on their thyroids and 0.5 percent of the children had growths larger than 0.197 inches.

Fukushima - Local Children Unwitting ( and Unwilling) Radioactive G...

That companies license should be pulled and the executive responsible for the false dosemeter reading should have criminal charges brought against him. There seems to be an ongoing problem with the use of unknowledgeable workers getting inadequate training/certification. If they don't understand the importance of their own dosemeter readings then they must not be handling radioactive material properly. It's easy to imagine them disposing radioactively contaminated material in a general garbage pile. Fundamental problems like this are good reasons to close all the nuclear plants in Japan. When I worked at a submarine base routine drills checked employee response to radioactive material. Depending upon the response every employee might have to be retrained. 

ROFL You seriously expect accountability, Chris? The Japanese government just bailed out TEPCO with $12.8 billion dollars. The Japanese people will carry this burden in every way, the corporation and its subcontractors will get a pass as usual.

This has become standard operating procedure. For example, the US agriculture lobby vociferously protested all legislation intended to curb climate change. Now crops are dying. Will Big Agribusiness suffer? Not a bit. They have taxpayer funded crop insurance that guarantees they'll be paid what they expected to earn if the crop was normal. And they are encouraged to plant the same crop in the same field next year, with the same guarantee. US taxpayers will bail them out, even as food aid to the poor is slashed. Of course the exact same big businesses use tax loopholes themselves and constantly promote lower taxes.

The entire system is corrupt, globally.

Greenpeace found very much higher levels of radiation in the populated areas of Fukushima City, and Kusano village in litate, Soma District of Fukushima Prefecture. People are being mislead to think populated areas are safe when they're dangerous. As usual, when public safety competes with cost , safety loses.

Greenpeace says Fukushima radiation monitoring seriously flawed

Greenpeace claims that Japanese government radiation monitoring stations in the city of Fukushima are seriously underestimating residual radiation levels and public health risks in and around Fukushima. ... Fukushima residents risked exposure to thirteen times the legal limit for radiation.

According to Greenpeace, radiation levels above 3 microsieverts per hour were recorded in parks and schools in the city of Fukushima, whilst the limit is a mere 0.23 microsieverts per hour...

In excess of three-quarters of the 40 government monitoring posts checked by the environmental organisation in Fukushima City were reading lesser radiation levels than their immediate surroundings. The Greenpeace radiation survey recorded contamination levels within 25 metres of the monitoring stations were up to six times higher than at the posts themselves.

“Official monitoring stations are placed in areas the authorities have decontaminated, however, our monitoring shows that just a few steps away the radiation levels rise significantly,”...

... many hot spots remain throughout Fukushima City,”... “The decontamination of children’s playgrounds and other areas needed to protect the most vulnerable, have not progressed sufficiently despite more than a year and a half passing since the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi.”...

... in litate, close to Fukushima city ... Greenpeace’s radiation monitoring team discovered radiation levels up to 5 microSieverts per hour (uSv/h) recorded in a residential area of Kusano village indicating that the cleanup had been insufficient. Even higher radiation hot-spots of 13 uSv/h were recorded at a factory that was allowed to resume operations in September 2012.

“The Government continues to downplay radiation risks and give false hope to victims of this nuclear disaster, when it should be making the sad, but necessarily hard decisions affected communities need to move on with their lives, and compensating them fairly,” concluded Suzuki. [emphasis mine]

Decontamination? Yeah, right

Cleanup Crews Near Fukushima Plant Dump Waste in Rivers, Newspaper ...

According to Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, cleanup crews working near the ruined Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, “dumped soil and leaves contaminated with radioactive fallout into rivers.”

The allegation, supported by photographs, was made in the three-part report “Crooked Cleanup,” published on Friday on the Japanese newspaper’s English-language site, Asia and Japan Watch.

A team of journalists who observed the decontamination work in the region last month added: “Water sprayed on contaminated buildings has been allowed to drain back into the environment. And supervisors have instructed workers to ignore rules on proper collection and disposal of the radioactive waste.”




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