Atheist Nexus seems to be doing it just fine, and this group is up to 103 members, so... Yeah, I don't agree on everything with all non-theists. But it sure is nice to not have to watch what I type so much here.

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True, Doris.  That is a comment I just made on a new Nexus friend's wall - we initially met on Facebook.  I've had 'friends' unfriend me on FB because of very mild atheist comments or cartoons.  I'm not the in-your-face type of person, so I'm not out to offend.  I just wish they would send a note, but that would go against the grain of the poor persecuted christian type, right?

Yeah, right-they are so under-represented these days!

 What ever happened to turning the other cheek? Oh wait a minute--that was a Jesus thing!  Nobody in the xtian religion really likes anything that guy ever said.  After all "HE" would have been all for churches paying taxes ("Give unto Ceasar that which is his"...), would be against the Iraq war-or any war for that matter, and supposedly went around with long hair. 

jesus the first hippie!

I've found that christians are the LAST ones to turn the other cheek.  They all suffer from the 'holier than thou' complex.  I was just reading some of the comments about this article: 


Student Challenges Prayer at Bastrop Graduation


Oh woe is the poor christian, cuz they can't pray at a PUBLIC SCHOOL graduation.  I'm not shocked, but I am saddened at the delusional who mock and attack this brave student who is trying to uphold the Constitution.  One commenter even said "Ironically, atheists MUST believe in God otherwise they wouldn't cause such a stir. We must prayerful concerning this situation AND this student. God would want us to pray for the student also."  Uuhhh, yeah..........

There are many comments supporting this student, thankfully, and they make a lot of sense.  So, you're right Patrick - no christian truly follows what their religion stands for.  They should all be arborists, they are so good at cherry picking.....

I posted something on FB about not teaching creationism in science class, and spent the next three days defending myself to everyone from school friends to my mom.  So much fun dealing with people who cannot look at someone else's opinion as just opinion... anyway, I don't mind a nice discussion once in a while...
Wow. So sorry. I was in the closet about my atheism until February of this year. Here was the catalyst to my becoming "outspoken" (isn't it awful that we are the outspoken ones?): there was an article in the Albuquerque Journal about HB 302 whose language was very innocuous and mild-mannered. It said that biology teachers would be defended for teaching controversial subject matter. It sounded good until I noticed at the bottom of the page that it was paid for by the intelligent design network. At this point, I panicked, emailed everyone and called everyone. I'd been an atheist for a long time, but claimed agnosticism to avoid conflict because I've been in Roswell for about seven years and have yet to meet another non-believer. So I truly sympathize with your story. I found this networking site about a week ago and spend much more time here than on FB now, as many of my religious coworkers and my husband's family are my friends there.

Sorry for the long diatribe.
Well, in my case, my daughter is an atheist, and she was much bolder about it than I was.  I was raised Baptist, but didn't ever make my kids go to church.  When my daughter was 13, she started telling everyone she was an atheist.  Can't tell you how well that went over with BOTH of her grandparents.  That is part of what finally made me look at what I believed.  Now, I am an atheist, and I am glad I didn't try to make her be something she isn't.
Oh, and because of all the nonsense yesterday about the End of the World, my son asked me if he was a Christian....I asked him if he believed in Jesus or God.  He said no, and I told him he wasn't a Christian.  He really didn't care one way or the other, but just wanted to know.  Went back about his business.
I'm glad, too. I forgot the worst part of this story. My 12 year-old daughter's life science teacher got a tad hostile toward Darwin when I brought this up to her out of concern. So I taught my older two kids about evolution by natural selection at home on Sundays.
Good for you!! My kids are now 20 and 18, and both are very much into science.  Always believed in evolution.  I always tried to teach them to think things through and not accept what they were told without facts to support them.
Getting atheists together isn't impossible-it just requires something more interesting than litanies and out of date hairstyles--and we even love to be challenged (something which is verboten in "their" groups).  Pasta salads also help--lots of pasta salads!
Ramen, brother.




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