Finally, an interactive site for all of our members, not just the US. Details about the society, environment and economy of each country pops up quickly. You can see who imports and who exports fossil fuels or textiles or wood products for each country. The graphs go off screen so you have to slide to get the full list of importers or exporters. This is designed to show details of how we are interdependent.

Globe-Town is an easy-to-use web application where people can learn about each country's environment, society and economy, so they can understand the challenges and opportunities that it faces in a changing world. Moreover, they can explore the connections between countries through relationships such as trade, migration or air travel. Stories can then emerge of how climate risks can be transmitted between distant countries, for instance the impact of the 2011 Thai floods on the Japanese economy. Similarly, the user can learn about shared responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions through the things we import, or opportunities to act to mitigate and to adapt, such as investing in renewable energy projects abroad.

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That looks very good, thank you Ruth!




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