I used to get emails from dearly loved family and friends that reported outrageously sweet episodes of some miracle or another. I interpreted such emails as not reports of facts, but rather fantasy to convince me that miracles really do happen and supernatural forces work in our daily lives for the faithful. Writing to the senders that I did not want to receive these pieces I finally had to Block their email. Have you had such experiences? It turns out there is a word for such nonsense. 


Word used to describe the syrupy sweet e-mails that are mass-mailed to unwilling participants. Usually involve, puppies, kitties, children with disabilities, puppies and kitties with disabilities, and Jesus. Generally end with, "Pass this along 2 as many ppl as u can!!!11!!1!"
I wish Mary would stop sending me glurge. 
This story is a bit glurgy, if you ask me.
by NuclearMosquito Aug 1, 2004
2. glurge  
Anything overly sappy, corny, or kitchy used to incite an emotional reaction. It is usually fictional, absurd and over-exaggerated and therefore fails at its intended task. 

Often used to describe chain e-mails.
"That story about the boy with no eyes or ears or skin who got run over by a steamroller the day before he was supposed to get the puppy that his baseball team had saved up to buy him for his ninth birthday is total bullshit. It's just glurge."
by The J-Spot Jan 16, 2005
3. glurge  
See also www.wordspy.com/words/glurge.asp , just above "Earliest Citation" for another element: Tales that "undermine their messages by fabricating and distorting historical fact."
That "Letter from Iraq" turns out to be partly right-wing glurge.
by George A. Trosper May 10, 2005 

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My ex wife used to send me these type emails. I guess she felt guilty for having an affair and wanted to save me to impress the lord.

Thanks - learned a new word. I've never heard it. Fun stuff.

"Glurge" is such an appropriate word for that stuff! I learned it from snopes.com, "chicken soup with several cups of sugar mixed in".

 "chicken soup with several cups of sugar mixed in".

Ew.  How could you even THINK of that!  LOL 

Actually, I just realized that all the so-called "martinis" that are so popular (Kiwi-tini?) now are GLURGE!


Gag me with a spoon!

Glurge is NOT new. 

I rememberlistening to a radio program late at night when I was a child (late 1940s) ... it was mostly live and recorded music with some corn-pone jokes thrown in.  BUT they LOVED to play one record that absolutely turned my stomach: "The Deck of Cards," supposedly about a soldier being court-martialed for "playing cards in church," and his explanation of the significance of each card.


It ends with him (T. Texas Tyler) saying...very melodramatically..."I know this story is true.  You... see...I...was...that...soldier."

I was 9 or 10 when that thing hit #2 on the charts, and even though I still thought there was a god at that time, I knew this particular recording was bullroar.  I used to turn the sound all the way down and wait about 3 or 4 minutes for it to be over before I turned it back up.  (I was bedridden for a month after being knocked out of a crosswalk by a car.  I had to lie flat most of the time, and the radio was the only entertainment I had.  But "The Deck of Cards" was more than I could tolerate.)

Since then I have read (or heard) several other, very different, glurge stories that all end with, "I know this story is true, you see, I was...blah-blah-blah."

Some things ought to be illegal.

 sk8eycat, did they call it a Glurge? or are you reporting the first sugar-drenched story you remember?

I don't remember Deck of Cards and I listened to a lot of radio in those days. I can't even recall the names ... "The Green Hornet", "The Shadow Knows", was "Sam Spade, license #137596" part of that group? 

You've got that right ... "Some things ought to be illegal"!

Some country and western singers used to come out with that and they made it a real tear jerker

I used to listen to The Shadow and it scared the hell out of me but I loved it at the same time.

About "The Deck of Cards." no it wasn't called "glurge" back then.  I don't think the word had been invented yet, but even if it had, these people I was listening to took the recording very, very seriously. I think they really believed that a soldier could be court-martialed for spreading out some playing cards during a church service...  Some states may still have blasphemy laws on the books, but I doubt the US Army does.

I hope.

I have a very "Christian" friend who gasped with shock when I suggested she play solitaire on her new (used) computer to get comfortable with using the mouse.

What was that old burlesque catch-phrase..."(somethings) is de cwayyyyziest pipples!"

John Lynch, me too, The Shadow had the squeaking door, did it not?

Yes but the part I remember is when the narrator says"only the shadow knows" followed by a hideous laugh.

Oh Yes, now I remember!




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