I used to get emails from dearly loved family and friends that reported outrageously sweet episodes of some miracle or another. I interpreted such emails as not reports of facts, but rather fantasy to convince me that miracles really do happen and supernatural forces work in our daily lives for the faithful. Writing to the senders that I did not want to receive these pieces I finally had to Block their email. Have you had such experiences? It turns out there is a word for such nonsense. 


Word used to describe the syrupy sweet e-mails that are mass-mailed to unwilling participants. Usually involve, puppies, kitties, children with disabilities, puppies and kitties with disabilities, and Jesus. Generally end with, "Pass this along 2 as many ppl as u can!!!11!!1!"
I wish Mary would stop sending me glurge. 
This story is a bit glurgy, if you ask me.
by NuclearMosquito Aug 1, 2004
2. glurge  
Anything overly sappy, corny, or kitchy used to incite an emotional reaction. It is usually fictional, absurd and over-exaggerated and therefore fails at its intended task. 

Often used to describe chain e-mails.
"That story about the boy with no eyes or ears or skin who got run over by a steamroller the day before he was supposed to get the puppy that his baseball team had saved up to buy him for his ninth birthday is total bullshit. It's just glurge."
by The J-Spot Jan 16, 2005
3. glurge  
See also www.wordspy.com/words/glurge.asp , just above "Earliest Citation" for another element: Tales that "undermine their messages by fabricating and distorting historical fact."
That "Letter from Iraq" turns out to be partly right-wing glurge.
by George A. Trosper May 10, 2005 

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"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  Da Shadow DO!"

I loved Jack Benny's show (with Mel Blanc doing most of the sound effects), "Fibber McGee & Molly," "Let's Pretend" (on Saturday mornings), and a kids' quiz show hosted by Bill Cullen. And a lot of other shows.... "The Breakfast Club."

We didn't get a TV till 1950 or '51, and I HATED all the kids' shows...I got hooked on cooking shows instead.

My mom used to snicker about women who thought the radio soaps were real life and sent gifts when the script had a character who was getting married or "expecting," or both. Actually, she snickered at anyone who bothered to listen to any soap opera.

It'll be 20 years this July since she "left the building," and I still miss her.


Your remember!  I couldn't pull up any more names. Jack Benny was one we listened to in my grandparents living room with a great big radio that just about filled the room. Thanks for the memories Felaine. 

The soaps were quite the rage too. Purex sponsored one, and Ivory soap, but that is about all I can dredge up. Your memory is better than mine. 

I think I remember so many of those radio shows because I was stuck in bed for so many weeks and there wasn't anything else I could do but turn that dial.

Mom and Dad loved Fred Allen, but I didn't understand his humor.

I listened to all the after-school kid shows..."Sky King," "The Lone Ranger," I think Superman had a radio show...  I made Mother buy all brands of cereals so that I could send in the box tops for this 'n that.  Some of that junk is worth a lot of $$$ to collectors today.

Another "spooky" (adult) show was "The Whistler."  I loved the intro.

I've got a bad memory, but I remember sitting on the floor for hours, with my ear next to the big 12 inch speaker of our 4 foot high radio (that my dad couldn't afford to buy, but got from a guy for painting his house).  Every day I listened to The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Jack Benny (thought Rochester was hilarious), and a couple of others that I can't remember.

Mom gave me that radio about 20 years ago and I still have it.  I keep saying I'm going to replace some parts and get it operational again.  Right!  That and another 100 projects!

Okay, one last trip down memory lane. Does anyone remember the movie " Johnny Belinda". Jane Wyman won a academy award in her role.

Don't remember it John.  Sorry.

John Lynch Oh yes, I remember "Johnny Belinda" with Jane Wyman. She was so young and pretty. She gave a very good performance, as I remember. I looked up the trailer and it rattled my memory awake. 

Yes, she won an acadmy award for the movie for best actress.

 We are all aging ourselves remembering these programs.  We had no TV, no computer, no cell phone, no car.  That was all we had to do.

That was true for me as well. I remember the first light bulb in the kitchen and a little room my dad built for my grandparents for the first toilet, sink and bathtub. Before that We took baths in a clothes wash tub that we filled with not water with the tea kettle. Inside plumbing! OH MY GOODNESS! that was a big day in our lives. 

Very similar for me also.  I definitely remember bathing in the kitchen in the wash tub filled with the tea kettle, heated on the coal burning stove.  

I strongly remember going to the outhouse for quite a few years.  When the temperature got below zero F, we would go in a potty and then run quick like a rabbit (past the rabbit shed) to empty it in the outhouse.  

We did have a model T ford pickup (I think it was), but it wasn't used much as my mom hated to drive and refused.  I only remember her driving one time.  Us kids were kidding her about not knowing how to drive, so she bundled us into the pickup, drove us around the block, and said "so there!", never to drive again.

I remember doing that! The potty under the bed! Who could forget such an experience! I love your mother! "So there! never to drive again!" priceless. 




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