The reason why some cars won't start is that they have gremlins in them, where gremlins are by definition undetectable beings who dwell inside engines and cause them on occasion to malfunction. They do this by means of a supernatural power which also enables them to forever elude observation, no matter how sophisticated the investigator's detection devices may be.

Does your car pray to the supernatural?  It won't start if it does not please the supernatural by prayer. 

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Your car engine isn't the ONLY one that's vulnerable to these pesky little entities. The pilots of World War II suffered horribly from gremlins ... And I Have PROOF!!!

Take it away, Bugs Bunny!!!

Those A cards are a bear, though!

There's another WW2 gremlin classic called "Russian Rhapsody."  From the days when the USSR was our ally.

I say a little prayer to Henry Ford (Peace be with him) every morning before heading off to work. I have faith that my prayers are working proof that it is as my Honda has 260K miles on it and still going strong.

Should my car fail to start, it won't be due to a lack of faith, rather it will be Ford's will. Which again I can understand as I drive a Honda, not a Ford. My car is an apostasy.

And it just wasn't WW II pilots, either. Captain Kirk had his run ins with them, also. They made him


The re-make with John Lithgow was good too.

Wrong! Technology only works if you sell your soul to the Tech Devil. I haven't and can cause thing to break down or malfunction just be touching them.

The "Tech Devil" - was his name, "Edsel Murphy?!?"

The Git in the Machine.

"Edsel Murphy." Didn't he drive a car in Beverly Hills Cop?


That was Axel Foley!

Nawww. Axel Foley musta been an ice skater.




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