I don't know about you guys, but there wasn't a performance review I had in 30 years of field service that I didn't LOATHE.  It seems as though Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, is up for turning the tables on the person you would expect would be her immediate supervisor, though.  Yahweh's getting his work evaluated, and my impression is that he's not going to like the final grade!

On top of that, anyone care to bet that this year's results were the same as last years ... and the one that will happen a year from now?

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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Appears to me that she rated him too high.

Speaking of turning the tables, I never could understand why the workers were never allowed to rate the bosses.

I had at least one supervisor (and maybe more than one) who could have done with a bit of that, Spud.  At least these days, I supervise myself (at least when the puddy-cats ain't around!), and I seem to be doing okay with that.

Early in the 1960s as I understand, Spud, IBM policies allowed employees to rate their managers.
The company earned employee loyalty during the 1930s depression when, instead of letting employees go, it transferred them to departments that needed people.

Love Betty's desk chair.

God is the "Highest" Authoritarian. Trump is in second place.

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