God's Not Dead - The Christian Persecution Complex (The Thinking Atheist)

Doubtless most if not all of you have heard about that sorry piece of cinema known as God's Not Dead, and perhaps its sequel, cleverly entitled: God's Not Dead 2 (wow, how original!).  Personally, I have wasted neither time nor money on either, though I watched what I suppose amounted to a trailer for the first opus, which by itself was enough to make me reach for the TUMS.  Both films amount to christian porn and have about as much to do with reality as does the "holy" book they are so enamored of.

Cue patheos.com contributor Neil Carter.  Apparently he not only dared to face a full screening of the second piece, but took it upon himself to write both a review of the movie and a commentary on the mindset of the audience at which it is most closely targeted.  Subsequent to the publishing of Neil's article, Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist became aware of Neil's work and decided to dedicate a podcast to the movie and Neil's reaction to it.

I've heard my share of atheist dismantling of christian tripe in my day, but Neil's analysis does an especially brilliant job of accurately characterizing both film and intended viewership.  Carter's article may be found here, and Seth's podcast follows.  Please enjoy.

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Your money, my money, and a whole lot of other people's money, for that matter, Qiana!  [grin!]

What is born of fiction can be killed only fictionally. God cannot die; he doesn't physically exist. tracey martin

Well, the dude was never alive to begin with, so his death is rather a moot point, ain't it? [grin!]

God never existed except in the minds of Homo sapiens, therefore we can go about our business of defining right from wrong, we can also explore and experiment without fear of lightning striking us Dead. We do need a moral code that is far superior to those defined by any superstition!
I look forward to stem cell research, effective family planning, the end of the death penalty that is racist, etc.
We need brave laws, law enforcement, lawyers, and courts that are accountable.

Having dealt with several school districts that were exactly the opposite, relentlessly persecuting anyone who was even the "wrong" sort of Christian, I couldn't even make it through the trailer for this crap. The hypocrisy shines like a supernova.




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