In Fresno, California, people gather to witness the miracle of a tree which they claim ‘weeps God’s tears.’ According to experts though, the miracle they are witnessing is the tree dripping with bug excrement. . …

......holy shit

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Honey dew is actually not really as vile as the fact that it comes from bug bums would suggest.  When bees collect it, it makes the best honey of all.  Also, and odd connection between one false god and another, Zeus was said to drink it as an infant when he was being hid from his father.

I knew that ants ate honeydew from bug bums. Didn't know about bees. Thanks for the factoid.

How do they know it wasn't giving up sap?  They could go to Vermont or Canada and see weeping maples every spring.  Oh, wait, it's the people seeing God in trees who are saps.

So even after the expert scientist comes along and explains that the "weeping" is just an ordinary natural event, the woman is still sticking to her guns and saying it is a miraculous sign from god. What a freakin' moron. **Facepalm** Does this kind of unshakable belief fall into a mental disorder category? I mean, REALY. I just don't understand the thought process.

Apparently we humans are very prone to stubbornly hold on to beliefs which are emotionally charged, in the face of contrary evidence. Decades, so many decades ago, I learned of a study in which a graduate student dressed as a magician and pretended to bend spoons for an undergraduate class. He had them participate, concentrating their "mental energy" on the spoon with him and chanting "Bend!" over and over. Then, after the demonstration the professor explained it was all a hoax, this was just a grad student in a costume, and demonstrated the spoon bending trick. A large percentage refused to believe it was a hoax. They were sure they had bent the spoon, because they "felt it". This false belief continued to be a permanent idea and important experience for those participants when they were tested again many weeks later. Thus began my interest in the way our minds are unsuited for reason and clear thinking.

"Take from the church the miraculous, the supernatural, the incomprehensible, the unreasonable, the impossible, the unknowable, the absurd and nothing but a vacuum remains."

~ Robert G. Ingersoll

Probulos, I. M. (2012-12-03). Over 365 Quotations for Atheists Agnostics and Secular Humanists (Quote Books) (Kindle Locations 350-352). I. M. Probuluos. Kindle Edition.




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