Anyone here using google+? Revolutionizing social networking. I see a lot of potential there as far as having 'hangout' discussions on atheist topics of interest in real time. There are so many features to love! I hope too see many atheist friends there soon as it leaves its beta stage, until then I have many invites left if anyone would like to join, pm me! 

 Hope everyone is having a wonderful day

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I have a Google+ account and have people in my circles, but haven't really started to use it.  Feel free to add me :)
I am there.  Please feel free to "circle" me!  I use the same user name, and my icon is very much like my icon here.

Hi Jennie-


I'm using google+, but I must say, I don't have the same comfort level there as I do on FB, or AN.  I do however have a circle for "Heathens".  I'm excited to learn more about it, but so far, I just don't get it yet.



It is kind of confusing. There are several Annie Thomas' and I can't tell which is you. Can you add an identifier? Maybe just add a dot right under your name in your profile?

lol, my name is an abbreviation of your name.

In my photo, I am in a pink sweater, being attacked by pink lawn flamingos.  That should narrow it down. ;-)  I was wondering if we shared the same name.  (My given name is Anne, but I've been called Annie or Annabelle since I was little.)


I would add the dot, but I'm not sure how!

Yes, I'm also on g+


add me with yamipirogoeth at gmail dot com


I also have a circle for freethinkers and have had some great discussions

I'm there as Anne Thom, please circle me as I will you all.
the google + people search seems to be lacking a bit. is anyone using

i just put myself in there but it seems odd that it would be needed.

I agree.  I just searched for three of you from this list, and am having trouble finding people....


I found both of you Annes :) But it can be a challenge to find people, you're not alone, Annie!
Any hints at when Google+ goes live for the masses? I had an invite but never followed through with activating at the time and now it's telling me the service is at capacity.
Yes, I'm on google plus as well.




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