I was surprised a discussion had not been started on this topic already.  This is of a concern to women, minorities, other than Christians and most especially gays and lesbians.  If you haven't read or heard about it already, here's a little more information:  http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/slavery-language-removed-group-m...


This blog from the Washington Post discusses the marriage pledge and how Michelle Bachmann's husband has received $138,000 in Medicaid payments to "cure" homosexuality:



Several articles out there focus on the threat to gays and minorities in this pledge, but not to women.  This article talks about how women need "protection" from "seduction into promiscuity" and banning pornography:  http://www.mediaite.com/online/michelle-bachmann-signs-social-conse...   Sorry about the pop up, it was the best I could find in regards to annoying ads.  


Finding a copy of the original actual pledge has proved to be more of a time consuming challenge than I want to spend my time on just to find something I know will make me want to puke. 


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Somewhere I embedded a video on effeminate straight men.  Statistically I guess he could make Richard Simmons look like John Wayne, in comparison, and still be as straight as an arrow.  Apparently, >95% of "effiminate" men are straight.  The statistics are probably total conjecture, but the point is taken. 


Most of the gay men who I have known were completely typical-American male in affect and mannerism.  I probably fall into that category too but will let others decide.  That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with being Richard Simmons, of course.  He is who he is.  So that is a long way around stating that just because he flits around like Tinkerbell, doesn't mean he's gay. 


It is true that a fair number of antigay preachers and politicians have been same-gender-attracted at least.  I resent them.  They need to get some balls and become honest.  I do feel ill at ease when people like John Stewart use Bachmann's  "gay mannerisms" to ridicule him, even though I don't think Stewart is the least bit homophobic. 


Regardless, he's an asshole, pretty much as you stated.


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