There are likely very few among those who frequent Atheist Nexus who would argue against the idea that indoctrinating children with religion is at minimum less than moral or ethical and more likely considered child abuse. Personally, I have aligned myself with the more severe label for such behavior for most of the time I've been a declared atheist. To me, it disrespects the child's right to become a self-determined person and amounts to forcibly shoving a square, hexagonal, triangular or other shaped dowel into a hole of anything but matching dimensions.

It should surprise no one here that YouTube producer TheraminTrees has tackled this issue with his characteristically comprehensive approach. I am glad to commend his work to your attention.

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The age of concent in the Catlolic world is , what 12-13 years old?

Consent barely enters the equation.  The fact is that children of religious parents grow up in that environment and are subject to that influence practically from the time they come out the chute.  As the parents were very likely indoctrinated themselves, they see that belief system as "natural," and passing it on to their kids just as natural.  The following gives a wonderfully brief expression of what's going on:

Christianity alters your identity to insure the survival of ITSELF.
-- from Prplfox's video series -

And the above holds as well for Islam, Judaism, and most any other religion.  This is the paradigm which teaches WHAT to think rather than HOW to think.  This is indoctrination, plain and simple.  It's worth keeping in mind that there are kids much younger who have been moved to give the sinner's prayer, almost entirely because of what they are growing up around.

Consent in a coercive environment is next to meaningless.

I met a guy who was in his early twenties. He had tatoos of Jesus on his arms. He said that he was home schooled. Fortunately he was allowed to go to a non religious college. He told me that he didn't know of any other way of thinking (about relition) until he went to colllege where he bacame an atheist.

On Crital thinking: The Texas School board plank doesn't  teach critiitical thinking because it will undermines parental (religious) thought/brainwashing.

Your story about the guy with tattoos is a fairly common one, from what I can see.  For all the homeschooling and insulation and guarding against "radical" ideas, eventually there will be exposure to the [insert dramatic musical sting] OUTSIDE WORLD ... and the outside world isn't obliged to conform to the shit that has been shoveled at these poor kids.  Depending on their own personal tendencies toward belief or knowledge, they will either indulge in compartmentalization to maintain what they have been taught, or they will do their own investigations and discoveries and eventually reject the programming for what the real world has to offer.

The shame is that they have to reprogram or deprogram themselves, which can be a long and painful process, never mind the likely confrontation with their programmers.  All of this is what makes religious indoctrination the tragedy that it is.

I agree. Some have to leave their families and communities behind.

Yes, leaving family and friends behind seems to be the only way out of the chains, at least for me. 

Doesn't original sin mean that you are going to hell for being human?

That's a sick demented idea.

Once you assume a Creator and a plan, it makes us objects in a cruel experiment whereby we are created sick and then commanded to be well.
-- Christopher Hitchens

Kinda says it all, don't you think?

Hitch is one of my heros.

It's unbelievable to me that people believe the Jesus myth.

f he attended something such as Libery University he wouldn't have gained knowledge.

Is there such a thing as a god spot in the brain?




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