I got the story in a local shop last week: Jesus´ face seen in a rusty patch on an old wall here in town. "But how do they know it´s Jesus?" I asked. "Because he has got a beard!" was the answer. "So it might as well be Karl Marx." I said, but they didn´t want remarks like that.. It WAS Jesus and we should do exactly what he said.... I didn´t feel the need to talk longer. The wall is old and patched and there is no face to be seen - only candles and flowers.

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I don't really get how the religious community doesn't see these kinds of things as demeaning to the christian faith.  I mean, think about it, they're essentially saying that the son of god can't get his face on any medium other than oxidized metal, or in most cases sandwich.
The Protestant Reformation produced an open-ended ecclesiastic architecture for the laity to vent their rapturous sightings of religious "signs" like so many rare birds. For that among other reasons, the Vatican would love to go back to the 16th. century and the good old pre-Luther days for a "do-over"--- like kids on a ball field!
It is a message from god.  The message is "paint this wall.  It looks like crap."

I have a plastic stamp of the "madonna" that you stamp in bread before you toast it.  Up comes the virgin.  I use it on my theist sister's toast all the time.


I bought one of those in Santa Fe but I don't have any theist around so it's somewhere in back of the "junk drawer".  People are most likely to see the human face in random patterns than any other image - Man in the Moon, the face on Mars - I can look out my window and find two or three faces rendered in leaves and twigs, add a beard and they are easier to conture.



When my son was like 3, there was this big burly hairy biker dude in the line at the movies behind us, and my son just kept looking at him, and getting this look on his face like, hmmmmm......I recognize this guy.  So he turns around, taps him on the leg and says, "excuse me, but are you jesus?"  I was dumb struck that my son, just so non-chalantly asked him that....and I said told the biker guy, "I am soooo sorry...." and the guy said, "hey don't be...it happens ALL the time!"  So, yeah I guess a beard and long hair = jesus.....must be jesus....right?????   Too funny!!!  Maybe it's Jerry Garcia!!
Ah, yet another example of humans seeing a pattern, where there is none.  We evolved this interesting ability, yet most of those who see such religious patterns refuse to even accept the reality that we evolved.

"...most of those who see such religious patterns refuse to even accept the reality that we evolved."

Well said. I find it interesting that those who see such religious patterns refuse to accept physical survival of the fittest but accept, even enthusiastically, economic survival of the fittest.


I know what you mean.  I've stared at the moon for years and have never seen the Man in the Moon, the rabbit or anything else people see in the moon.    All I ever see is rocks and craters.

I met the Man in the Moon one evening, in Stanley Park Vancouver.  Mind you, I had consumed several hits of LSD....


This brought to mind the Glee episode with the grilled cheezus.... That one felt a bit too much like an after-school special. :| Some funny parts, though.
I passed that old wall again, and the face had become visible - looked like a hippie, not like Karl Marx. Then I remembered that an artist had worked in the shop next to the wall, and he used reli-themes. He had a painting of Maria changing Jesus´ nappy in the shopwindow. So he did this on his own or it was a plan of the local shopkeepers to boost tourism and the sale of candles and flowers.




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