Okay, I admit it.  For an atheist and "rational" thinker, I delight in the irrational and unscientific when it comes to entertainment.

I know I'm not alone in being a Sci-Fi geek, but my big "guilty" (using quotes because I don't actually feel guilt about it) pleasure is that I love a good, religiously (most often biblically, I am in the U.S. after all) based storyline.

Now of course I'm not talking about propaganda pieces like the crap that is the "Left Behind" series.  No, I'm talking stuff like End of Days, Devil's Advocate, and even the series Supernatural.  All of those fun "what if the devil is real and Armageddon actually happened or at least almost happened?" kinds of storylines.  I don't know why, they're very irrational, they're usually not even that well written, but I still enjoy them.


I can't be the only one so, along those same lines, what are your "guilty" pleasures?

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I will admit that I chuckled my way through The Stand, and I would watch it again.  So cornily delicious.

I used to avoid paranormal and fantasy crap on TV, but eventually I gave in because that was practically all there was. My first "guilty pleasure" was Deadzone. Now I miss the utterly silly Middleman,

which didn't expect you to take it seriously. However, if a show gets too religious I turn it off. Religious fantasy is too repulsive, even more than outright fantasy like Warehouse 13 or Fringe.

I think that's why I like Supernatural.  It's very religiously based, but "god" is an absentee father, the angels are bigger jerks than the demons are and the main characters are disgusted by all of it.
Who doesn't enjoy these things? Stephen King, Terry Pratchett's "Disc World", Handel's "Messiah", Gospel music...................I would consider any atheist who didn't as seriously twisted and fanatical.

Totally with you .


Well, I LOVE Supernatural, but probably not for the exact same reasons you do.  Oh, those boys!

Okay, I admit it ... I used to watch "Medium."  [Loren waits for the groans to die down!]

First of all, I rather liked it for its writing, for the plots and plot development and that we got to watch "Alison" and her three kids grow up as the seasons progressed.

I have to say, though, I also liked it for the character of Joe Dubois.  Question: how many ENGINEERS does prime-time television have as a continuing character?  It's never had many that I know of, but I really liked Joe.  He was a straight-up guy who does what he can with his own problems, never mind having to deal with an oddly gifted wife (and apparently similarly gifted three daughters!).

Oh, and yeah ... I AM an engineer, myself, so there!

Darn I though this was about my favorite author and book series.  The first of the more interesting books in the series is "Guilty Pleasures" :D


On topic here though,  I like singing "soulful" or religious songs. Even though they are just as much fantasy as Puff The Magic Dragon :) 

Atheists are a few thousand years behind in music writing. Try your hand at rewriting the lyrics so you can put your heart into the music without having to cut your throat intellectually and morally.
I think Tim Minchen is a good role model.... :)
Like Alice, I love Tim Minchin! His songs are hilarious and so true! Also, Steve Martin recently wrote a song for atheists, which just made me love him all the more.

I just checked www.humanisthymnal.com only to find it down -- temporarily, I hope!

It contained an "Evolution Chorus" to the tune of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus". Bits included "E-volution! E-volution! Evolution! Evolution! Evolution!"; "For nothing lasts for ever and ever"; "Change is king, the gene is lord"; and a mention of "selfish genes".

(I found another "Evolution Chorus" here:
"Charles Darwin wrote The Origin of Species"; "Learn the facts and know the truth"; etc.)


John Perkins' "Anthology of Humanist Songs" page is up: http://home.alphalink.com.au/~jperkins/HumanistSongs.htm



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