Okay, I admit it.  For an atheist and "rational" thinker, I delight in the irrational and unscientific when it comes to entertainment.

I know I'm not alone in being a Sci-Fi geek, but my big "guilty" (using quotes because I don't actually feel guilt about it) pleasure is that I love a good, religiously (most often biblically, I am in the U.S. after all) based storyline.

Now of course I'm not talking about propaganda pieces like the crap that is the "Left Behind" series.  No, I'm talking stuff like End of Days, Devil's Advocate, and even the series Supernatural.  All of those fun "what if the devil is real and Armageddon actually happened or at least almost happened?" kinds of storylines.  I don't know why, they're very irrational, they're usually not even that well written, but I still enjoy them.


I can't be the only one so, along those same lines, what are your "guilty" pleasures?

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Your list probably would match mine more than bore me!  Add Firefly, Buffy, Angel, and almost any zombie movie ever made into the mix and you've got a good start on my list of favorites.  I own the entire series of Farscape (and actually was NOT a pirate about that!) plus the miniseries that wrapped it up after it was canceled.  Farscape is about as close to Fandom as I've ever gotten actually.

I love Dr. Who especially because, as someone else recently pointed out to me, there is a "scientific" (quotes because is that wonderful sci-fi Dr. Who sciencey-sounding-stuff) explanation for everything.  There is no supernatural.  Ghosts, demons, witches, myths, sirens, etc. all are explained as either alien life forms, or science that hasn't been figured out yet.  I think that's awesome.


What I meant by guilty pleasures is stuff more like the religious based stuff that in a round-about way either condones or supports the ideas put forth by religion.  I feel like I shouldn't support that kind of crap because there are people dumb enough out there to actually believe it... but I just can't help myself, it's so damned entertaining!

Oh, well that's awesome!  I love zombie movies too.  Yes, Firefly, Angel, Buffy  -- so cool that we do like the same things. : )  Very nice!
I like Dr Who for the same reason. Condoning-of-religious-world-view is what most turns me off about many of the witches/paranormal stuff. Though, hypocrite that I am, I watched The Witches of Eastwick twice. *blush*

I like a lot of the same stuff as you guys too. I was very anti-sci-fi for a long time, because my mother was practically obsessed with Star Trek and Dark Shadows, but eventually, I discovered how enjoyable a lot of sci-fi really is.


I can't really enjoy a lot of religious-based stuff, and paranormal shows, because I spend the whole time rolling my eyes and refuting everything they say, or just getting mad about the BS they spew. And all the "true" paranormal shows (Ghost Hunters, shows about Bigfoot or UFOs or whatever) NEVER find anything! How many times do they have to NOT find a ghost or the "Bat Man" or a Virgin Mary statue that "cries blood" for people to have to realize it's all a big load of crap? Plus, I'm a scientist, so I get really angry about the level of scientific illiteracy and outright lies about science. Just drives me bananas!



Steve Martin song for athiests

I like baseball and opera and pretending that falling in love is more than just efficient biochemistry.
Good point, Lary. I try to pretend that about love too. And sometimes dualist sayings kind of hit home, even though I know they're false. Like this one: You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. ~C.S. Lewis
I always liked C.S. Lewis. I read just about everything he ever wrote. He made some elegant arguments but most of them leaked like sieves when taken out of the humanistic, poetic confines of the Socratic Club that he attended weekly with other Oxford dons.
Oooh I thought of one! Chick tracks: http://www.chick.com/default.asp I am a comic affectionado, and I love how ridiculous these things are. His comic "dark dungeons" about the dangers of Dungeons and Dragons has become notoriously famous.
Haha! I also recently started collecting Chick tracts, simply because I'm so dumbfounded by their ridiculousness. They are so over-the-top, it's like they are a parody of themselves. In fact, I'm not sure how one could parody them: how much crazier could you make them?

The Jack T. Chick Parody Archive:



Some are quite well done... "Dead to Rights" by Jim Huber is worth a look.

I see no reason to feel guilty. I love a good story, and religious-based premises can be a great source. Doesn't mean I believe the religion, any more than I believe in people with arachnid-like superpowers if I enjoy a Spiderman movie. It's just fiction: the question is, is it well-written and produced, and is it compelling?

If the "Left Behind" series had been well-written -- and not preachy, poorly written pieces of crap with flat characters -- I probably would have enjoyed it. The premise is a potentially great setting for a work of fiction. I admire Dante's Divine Comedy for its detail, imagination, and poetic structure; I also enjoyed the modern retelling of Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Doesn't mean I really believe in Hell.

Liturgical music, baroque architecture, medieval and Renaissance paintings of religious subjects, Hindu artwork: I can find great beauty and joy in many of these. The fact that they were inspired by religious ideas, or cover a religious subject, doesn't make them less beautiful to me, nor does it mean I believe the religious ideas behind them. And my enjoyment is guilt-free (^_^)


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