Okay, I admit it.  For an atheist and "rational" thinker, I delight in the irrational and unscientific when it comes to entertainment.

I know I'm not alone in being a Sci-Fi geek, but my big "guilty" (using quotes because I don't actually feel guilt about it) pleasure is that I love a good, religiously (most often biblically, I am in the U.S. after all) based storyline.

Now of course I'm not talking about propaganda pieces like the crap that is the "Left Behind" series.  No, I'm talking stuff like End of Days, Devil's Advocate, and even the series Supernatural.  All of those fun "what if the devil is real and Armageddon actually happened or at least almost happened?" kinds of storylines.  I don't know why, they're very irrational, they're usually not even that well written, but I still enjoy them.


I can't be the only one so, along those same lines, what are your "guilty" pleasures?

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Some Christian songs can still make me get teary-eyed, for some reason. They just sound so heartfelt and meaningful and touching. I've always been a musical person, and used to be a singer and dancer in musical theater (and ballet, tap, jazz, you name it), so music has the capability of getting to my emotions quicker than anything. Of course, I don't actively seek out that music, but some songs just get to me when I hear them!
Casting Crowns self titled... :)

I like the series Merlin and knights of the round table kind of stuff, although, usually those kind of shows don't have much religion.  I used to enjoy Anne Rice books. but now she's gone religious and the religious are doing vampires (which is weird to me). I still enjoy a good gothic tale like Sanctuary or Being Human.  I think Warehouse 13 has a completely ridiculous premise.  I don't think I've missed an episode. 


I watched Legend Quest for about two minutes. before I got ticked off and checked the star's credentials.  He claimed to be an archaeologist and historian.  I thought he looked a little young to have done the years of field work in the areas he claimed, so I checked him out.  He's neither an archaeologist nor a historian.  He's an actor/writer and a member of the Scotish Knights Templar.  I like a conspiracy theory as much as the next person, but his claim the Knights Templar built some fantastic chapels in Ethiopia because  a bunch of black Africans could have never done anything amazing on their own is just horse pucky.    Even a conspiracy theorist has to have some credentials and some level of possible believability, IMO. 

I enjoy the standard stuff - Dr Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings etc - but have no guilt about it....


I'm totally with you ..can even add a fewe super heroes.LOL

oh and the matrix, Harry potter, pirates of the Caribbean... ET, Jurassic Park...
I had no idea Redemption existed. That is absolutely hilarious.

This curmudgeon enjoys word play, but coupling a word so helpful to religion's nefarious purposes with a word so damaging to those purposes drove some of his synapses to drink.

I hope they return soon.


I love Devil's advocate. Al Pacino's speech about god makes the whole movie. "he's a tightass, he's a sadist, he's an absentee landlord..."
I've always loved horror and scifi books and movies, still do.

As far as religious stuff, Chick tracts are always a great laugh. Also sometimes listen to the radio program "unshackled" because it's so unbelievably corny and laughable.
Hey, my wife, daughter, and myself all went to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II" at the midnight release this week and it was Great! I'm a science fiction/fantasy geek (especially Harry Potter). So I completely understand.
Yes, I went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 11.  I agree that it was great!  Nice to meet a fellow Harry Potter fan!
Pirate -- I'm a big Sci-Fi fan too.  My list of favorites would probably bore everyone - but here's a "few" -- Star Trek (all of the different series from original to Enterprise), Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Babylon 5, Farscape, Torchwood, Walking Dead, etc.  I also like horror movies, action, comic book movies, fantasy movies. There's just too many to list them all. : )




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