Oh, NO!  The gun debate has gotten so heated that it has Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, TALKING TO HERSELF!  Apparently, one of her has had a stroke or a serious breakdown in cognitive skills, as she does little more than parrot the NRA's tired talking points, whereupon the other Betty gives more evidence of having thought through the issue and parries those foolish arguments with a level of skill Guy Williams (remember Zorro?!?) would have admired.

Let the cat fight begin!

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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Good one Loren, thanks!

Thanks, Loren!

Some good retorts from the video:

"If you're going to ban things that kill people, then why not ban cars?" "Cars are banned... if you're underage or get your license taken away. Yes, you have to have a license to drive a car, but not shoot a gun? And to get that license, you have to take a test, buy insurance. And cars only kill incidentally. Killing is the only thing an AR-15 is good for."

"Mental illness is still the issue." "People suffer from mental illness in every country in the world. Only America has mass shootings every week."

And in response to "you can't change the Constitution", Betty joins Jim Jefferies and others in pointing out that the Second Amendment's very name indicates that the Constitution was meant to be changed, as we've done dozens of times.

Thank you, Grinning Cat, I just spent an hour and a half watching Jim Jefferies vids on YouTube instead of editing like I was supposed to! Lol. He is a riot!




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