Do you enjoy Halloween as a secular holiday or avoid it as a religious one? Personally, I feel as if it's safely removed from its spiritual roots.

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One Halloween season I was sitting with my mother in the (crowded) waiting room of her cardiologist's office.  It was decorated to the hilt with pumpkins, witches, spider webs and spiders, black cats, skellingtunz, orange and black streamers, everything.  I was feeling snarky, so I quietly asked Mother why she didn't hang onto me for another week plus a few days so I could have my birthday on Halloween.  She gave me a LOOK and announced to the whole room exactly how much I weighed at birth (9+ lbs!), and how long I was, and said she couldn't have carried me for another minute.

I did a face-palm and slid out of my chair.

I love Halloween.  I have a few Dia de los Muertos decorations, too that I made from paper mache.  Until the fundamentalists made such a splash, i think pretty much everyone celebrated Halloween.  At least I don't remember anyone not dressing up for the school Halloween party.


Thanksgiving is starting to take on a too religious tone for me.  I  miss the days it was mainly about eating a huge meal and watching a whole lot of football. I try not to celebrate it with my extended family or it would be a day of praying and taking about god.  Barf! 


We only do Easter for the kids who I don't think even believe in the Easter bunny.  Mainly, it's an excuse to take spring photos and get new dresses.

Ultimately, we can break any holiday or celebration down to its important bits regardless of supernatural or religious beliefs, and by important I mean fun.  Nothing wrong in my mind with celebrating any religious holiday, in fact I make a point to celebrate as many as possible, from as many religions I can find.


Of them all Halloween has always been my favorite, without contest, as it seems to be for many of us. 

A good Halloween story to read aloud (by candlelight) is "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." 

Headless Horseman   Go to full-size image   Go to full-size image

That's one of my favorite stories sk8eycat.
DO people read to their kids anymore?  Until I learned to read for myself, my dad read to me every night till I fell asleep.  (I was fortunate enough to be born before TV.) I loved Babar the Elephant.
My brother reads to his kids almost every night.  Then Sammy, his youngest, reads on his on in bed.

It really depends on the family. Mine never read to me, but I always had a deep fascination with books and learned how to unlock their secrets early on(end of 1st grade), so I could get to the parts I wanted.

I do love being read to, though--once or twice in elementary school teachers would read certain books--Bunnicula, etc to the class. I read to students a few times when I worked at Libraries--I've worked at a total of 5 over the years. I don't think their parents ever read to them, either. Some parents just aren't book people, and see no reason to instill any interest in books into their kids. Too easy to plop them in front of the tv or computer.


Of course, I also live in the south, where books are considered snobby and reading is considered a waste of time.

my dad never read to me. i did with my kids when i cud but i was too busy with work
My mother read to me.  She was a teacher, so I think it was pretty much a sure thing. 
My parents read to me and I read to my children nearly every night when they were little.  I still have many of their books in my book shelves; maybe someday I'll read them to my grand children.  And I LOVE Halloween, too, and almost always dress up.  I went as Silhouette from The Watchmen last year.
I read to my kids in spurts.  I'll read several stories at once and then not read any for awhile.  Both my kids are good readers and enjoy books, so even though it isn't a daily thing, it's working.  My mother read to me daily, but in some ways it was more like a punishment.  However, she loved reading and so did my dad, so I did inherit that.  I purchased all the books my grandma used to read to me.  Funny, I remember her reading to me better than my mom.



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