Hang up and eat: Give up your cell phone and restaurant discounts your meal

What do you think of this idea?

Should restaurants start doing this?

Or - are you tied to your cell phone that you can't part with it for just a bit?

 Hold that call: At Eva, a New American restaurant in Los Angeles, diners who give up their cell phones for the duration of the meal get a 5 percent discount.
“When I first heard about it, I loved it,” said Jaime Oikle, founder of RunningRestaurants.com. “It’s obviously going to be a talking point” that can generate buzz for the restaurant, he said.

The discount is a new solution for a problem that’s vexed restaurant owners since phones became untethered from their cords and small enough to slip into a pocket. Back in 2006 — a year before Apple’s iPhone came onto the market — a New York City councilman suggested a ban on cell phones in restaurants, but abandoned the idea after restaurateurs said such a prohibition would hurt business.

Read the rest of the news story here.

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I prefer the ban.
Me too Chris.

I'm not a big cell phone user, and would be insulted if someone pulled one out during a dinner.  I often look over at families while out to eat.  Everyone is texting, and the younger family members are playing games on iPads.  I really makes me sad.  Dinner time at our house (and when we're out to eat) is a time to socialize... with the people who are present. I would happily take a discount to not use my phone during a meal, as I don't use it now.

Yes Annie I see the same thing while dining out. Everyone is texting or I see a few talking on their phones.
The ones talking are more annoying though - to me anyway.

I think it is very annoying and obnoxious when peoples' phones go off in an eatery and they answer.  Some think they have to practically shout into the mouthpiece to be heard, and that means you listen to parts of their conversation whether you want to or not.  I think the polite thing to do is to put them on buzzer mode when you go in and either step outside to answer or let the caller leave a message you can answer later.

I agree James - it is very annoying.
And the shouting - why do they have to talk so loud?

I tried replying to your comment "Me too Chris" but received a "Were Sorry message preventing my entry there.

A ban in all restaurants wouldn't give one an advantage and eventually people would get used to it. The can always eat in their car and talk on the phone as loud as they desire. It's absurd to give a discount to behave civilly. 

{RING!!!} "Excuse me, I have to get this..."

Ya know, it wasn't 10 or so years ago that you DIDN'T have to get that, back when all your phone was was a PHONE (gee, whiz, what a concept!).  If I'm at a restaurant with company, my focus should DAMNED WELL BE ON THAT COMPANY, and not on a piece of plastic with some fancy semiconductors in it.

Then too, this is an issue of MANNERS, especially in a public place, and as I'm sure we've all seen one way or another, manners are on the decline in 21st century America, and possibly elsewhere as well.  Granted, my phone might ring a couple times a WEEK, but even if the second coming were in full swing and I were being phoned, texted and tweeted about it, I think my wife or my customer or whoever I'm with is due my full attention.

It's about priorities, peeps.




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