To everybody in the Northern hemisphere

Happy Autumn!

And to everybody in the Southern hemisphere,
Happy Spring!

The leaves are barely starting to turn gold in Eastern Pa and it's been in the low 80s. How'ze by you?

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Sunny and in the low 70s.  Perfect. ;-)
I followed the link to your Lolcat page. You have created a bunch of these. I loved them - they are very good. Thanks for the sentiment. It's my favorite time of year. It's actually getting cooler here. But we are still in the 90's for our high temperature.
Anyway, thanks and I really loved your Lolcat website Ruth. Have a nice weekend!
Some sun, some rain here in Cleveland, with temps in the 50's and up to the 60's here and there.  Trees are just beginning to turn.  Second week of October will likely be peak color season here.
There's been so much rain during the Summer that the green has held on. Two weeks ago I still thought it was Spring. Weather overcast, temp around 15 C.
Southern Illinois.  Trees just barely giving a hint of changing color.  I'll give them another 2 to 3 weeks.  Low 70's, though should get back to 80 at least one day this week.  Coming on to my favorite time of the year.

In the Pacific Northwest area it is still warm,70s-80s today, but tomorrow it is supposed to plummet to 60s. Oranges and reds are starting to show, no doubt it's going to be gorgeous and colorful through November. 

Nothing's changed yet weather-wise here in Florida.  It's still hot, humid, and often rainy, and we're still using the AC, sometimes mostly for humidity control.  Looking forward to turning it off sometime in the next few weeks.
stliil too warm
It's been cool lately here in Detroit.  We get teased with "highs in the mid 70s!" then it ends up in the mid 60s.  I don't mind that if the humidity would just go down!  Not many trees changing colors yet, but up in the northern Lower Peninsula, things are changing quickly.  They change too fast, we get a big wind/rain storm, and then they are bare for almost 6 months :(




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