Click link below to see the video of the 1,000 pound pumpkins!

The Huffington Post   Ramona Emerson First Posted: 10/31/11



Google wished search engine users "Happy Halloween" today with a new video doodle that shows a team of crafty Googlers carving six enormous pumpkins to spell out the search engine's name.

The pumpkins are huge -- one weighed 1,298 pounds -- and the 41 second time-lapse video that serves as Google's Halloween themed doodle shows people passing back and forth in front of the evolving pumpkins, which are propped up on bales of hay. The video begins with six people, but the crowd grows and more people, some dressed in costume, begin to appear. A Santa makes a cameo, as does Google's green Android bot, (Check out the "Happy Halloween" doodle in the video above).

Google employees spent an entire day meticulously carving these huge but fragile gourds all the while hoping that they wouldn't collapse on top of them, according to a "behind the scenes" video Google released.

"A regular pumpkin is about human head size, and this is much much larger [...] [I]nstead of feeling in control you think that at any given time this could potentially consume you," one thoughtful doodler says of the process.

Some of the carvers had more basic problems. One said, "I spent the first part of the morning figuring out which side of the knife was sharp."

Since the first doodle in 1998, there have been over 1,000 different designs for Google homepages around the world. The company even has a whole design team specifically for choosing and creating the doodles. The selection process involves input from the general public, and people can even submit their own designs. Images of all of the doodles can be seen here.

The result of the doodler's work, which is lit by lightbulbs attached to a flicker box to simulate candlelight, can be seen in the video above. Also, check out the behind the scenes video below to see what goes into carving pumpkins that have a rind 6 inches thick.

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Thanks for the link, Steph!  I loved the video and those involved looked like they had a great time!  

I've heard it takes a bit of work to grow such large pumpkins.  Every year my brother, when his kids were young, used to buy a pumpkin that was over 100 pounds to carve, along with a normal sized pumpkin.  That was a lot of fun.

Happy Halloween!! :)




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