In the US we have heat warnings (15 degrees above normal) in 13 states on the first day of Summer. I live in one; my thermometer says 97 degrees F. How are you doing? Happy Summer to folks in the northern hemisphere!

Summer Solstice: Heat Wave Marks First Day of Summer

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Thank you Ruth! Same to you! It's going to be 100 degrees this weekend here. Very hot!

Happy Solstice to you also Ruth! 94 degrees here today with a heat index that I'm sure makes 94 seem cool and breezy! I'm inside waiting for winter! LOL's not terribly hot here (San Fernando Valley...yeah, I'm a "Val"), but we haven't been having the usual "June Glooom" overcast, either.  At least we haven't had to close up the house and turn on the A/C yet.  I hate it when that happens!

In the meantime:

June 21: Happy World Humanist Day

Oooops!  Back to work!

Hot here in Chicago as well.  Temperatures in the 90's all this week.  I do have to say it's been pretty tolerable outside because we haven't had the usual accompanying oppressive humidity.  That makes a BIG difference.  I'm not a big fan of hot/humid weather.  Must be the Scandinavian in me.  I love a sunny 50-degree day!  Happy Solstice and Summer everybody! 

I'm with you, Flying Atheist. I'm not crazy about temps in the 90s, but they are MUCH more tolerable when the humidity is low. It's been that way these last few days.  Honestly, is it ever comfortable when the humidity level is high? Temperatures this warm are unusual for this time of year, obviously, and we had a few days in the upper 80s back in March! I just ignore my boyfriend when he makes comments about Global Warming lol

It's supposed to be more comfortable this weekend, with temps in the upper 70s...but that forecast will probably change half a dozen times by then!

Can't believe it is hotter in the northeast than here in the southeast but our time is coming.

So sorry.  I couldn't resist this one.
Here's a happy guy:

Hahaha! Loved those Sk8eycat! Thanks!

I forgot to add:


LOVE the corn cartoon! 

Sk8eycat, I'm ready to join the dog in the sprinkler.

I leaned into the beer cooler in the grocery store yesterday and let the MG have it's way with me! I didn't care... now that's hot and not in the good way!


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