I have been severely sleep deprived for a number of years, & cancer treatment didn't help it at all when I had to deal with that.

I have now been ''officially'' diagnosed but have bad reactions to prescription meds & don't know what else to try. So far I do the same routine rituals, bath, cool quiet room, ''sleep music'', hot milk, hot milk with brandy, chamomile tea, herbal valerian, melatonin, etc.

The dr. says I need a minimum of 6-8 hours straight solid sleep per 24 hours, but the most I can ever get is 2-4 of restless non-refreshing sleep, which after 10+ years is definitely not enough. Fibromyalgia contributes to the non-refreshing part.

Has anyone ever successfully solved this issue?


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There's treatment for hyperthyroidism. Isn't your particular type susceptible to Medical treatment? My father-in-law had a radioactive treatment that decreased his thyroid function and thereafter used thyroid supplements to maintain proper hormone levels.

Hashimoto's is different from Graves disease.  For Graves disease they use a radioactive treatment. 

Hashimoto's causes hypothyroidism most of the time.  But there may be short hyperthyroid phases, lasting about a week, when the thyroid dumps stored-up thyroid hormone into the blood.  This is called hashitoxicosis

I was very severely hyperthyroid, eating about twice my usual calories and still losing weight - mostly muscle loss - and all sorts of other weird symptoms - anxiety, heart palpitations, hand tremor etc. The skin on my palms and the bottoms of my feet sloughed off, almost like socks or gloves.  I never found that symptom listed online as a hyperthyroid symptom, but apparently it was because my skin was growing so fast from all the thyroid hormone.  It was very strange. 

All one normally needs to do is live through it, unless it's very very bad. 

The weird thing is, the more dramatic hyperthyroid phases happened when I was taking T3 (liothyronine) - in addition to the usual T4 (levothyroxine=Synthroid).  It felt like the T3 hormone was triggering hyperthyroid phases somehow.  But I never found any confirmation for this idea online and I don't know why T3 would do this.  It built up slowly over weeks, until I was in a crisis. 

Ouch. Guess that doesn't work. Thanks for the explanation.

Luara, this sounds dreadful! Do you still those effect on your system? The human body has so many things going on and the brain ... oh my goodness, count every good moment one has, who knows what will erupt next. 

In any event, Luara, I hope you feel rested, healthy and find great joy in your days. 

I haven't had severe hyperthyroidism for a long time - at worst, insomnia from being hyperthyroid that's worst in the small hours when the thyroid peaks. 

I'm a ways from great joy - I would like to get to where I have a life again, rather than just slogging along.  I'm chronically ill from allergies. 

It isn't scary like cancer, it won't kill me anytime soon.  But what it does is to take away my mental energy, creativity and physical energy somewhat too.  It does a partial killing. 

No solution, but I find the lower the temperature, the better I sleep.  I've had my bedroom as low as 55 F and liked it, although from what I've read, 60-70 F is recommended.  The latest thing I read in "Huff post UK lifestyles" said we sleep best between 60 and 64 F, keeping the temperature constant all night:


Patricia, I surely hope they work for you. 


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