Sara Robinson thinks that we've turned the corner and the Tea Party proto-fascist takeover of the GOP will guarantee Obama another term.

Fascist America: Have We Finally Turned The Corner?

She says the war on women will sink them.Encouraging news, if it's true.

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Know when I'll believe that "fascist America" is behind us?  When the Republican party regains its sanity.

The problem is that, for all I've seen in the GOP primary contests, we're a distance from seeing that happen.  Sure, we avoided having either Santorum or Gingrich represent the other side of the fence, but Mitt is little better, and I have little doubt but that he will court the TEA party and the Religious Reich one way or another.  Both those factions are fed by people who don't seem to be interested in anything more than simplistic answers to the problems the US faces, and might as well be married to instant gratification.  So long as their brand of magical thinking persists, they or their type will.

For myself, my eye is on the 2012 election - not just the presidency, but the Congress as well.  That will tell me whether or not there truly is a turn in how the American electorate is thinking, and if, indeed, they ARE thinking.

Until then, insofar as I'm concerned, the jury is OUT.

I don't know I'm rather pessimistic.

Isn't about 50% of America right wing - even the women? 

GW Bush second term election was proof to me that pandering to fear, or what ever else motivates the right to vote is enough to get elected. I agree with Loren about congress and will add what happens with the WI governor recall of Walker and the WI State Senators is as important when it comes to union's ability to bargan. David Koch said "If the unions win the {Scott Walker] recall there will be no stopping union power." in the NYT's article Recall Election Test Strategies for November.




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