We don't belong to any book clubs, but we do a considerable amount of reading or listening to audio books.  Since we live on a 44 foot sailboat, we don't have a lot of room, so we have just recently purchased a Kindle, and love it!  I think though we need two of them as we are wrangling over who gets to use it next.  We read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, classics, mysteries, historical novels, thrillers, adventure, etc.  Nothing is out of range.


So let's talk books.  Have we read some of the same?  What would you recommend to read or stay away from?


Roz's Legend (HR - have read, IP -in progress, R -resource/reference, NY - Not Yet)

Rating (*****Loved it!, ****Liked it, ***Ok, **Not so much, * Ugh)


Here are some books currently on our bookshelf:


Good without God by Greg Epstein, HR****

Godless by Dan Barker, HR*****

Don't Believe Everything you Think by Thomas Kida, IP-***

The Atheist's Bible - Joan Konner - HR, R****

Asimov's Guide to the Bible, Isaac Asimove, IP, R ***

God Made Man (Kindle) - Barbara G. Walker, IP ****


On the fiction side:

Anna Karenina (Kindle) by Tolstoy, HR** (Just finished.  Know it's a classic, but geez it was slow for me to read.  All of the people are so tortured, particularly the non-believers. I could have saves a lot of time by reading the summary on Wikapedia.  What did you think?)


Devine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood (Kindle), HR, ****


The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (Kindle), Stieg Larsson, IP.  (Russ has read the whole series ***** and really enjoyed them)


One for the Money, etc.....by Janet Evanovich, HR, IP ***** I love these sassy, bounty hunter stories featuring Stephanie Plum.  I started with number one and am on number 8.  I just started reading them on Kindle.  The characters are quirky.  I love Grandma Mazur.  She reminds me of Sophia on the Golden Girls.  I love a book that makes me laugh aloud.


Other authors we really enjoy....Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, John LesCroart, John Grisham, Ken Follett (Pillars of the Earth HR***** and World without End HR *****), Jean Auel. I just got the last of the Jean Auel Earths Children books and am looking forward to reading it. I enjoyed "reading" - listening" to the others on audio.  It will be a different experience reading this next one on the Kindle.   Has anyone read this yet?   We have several of these authors on audio books and listen together. It's a great way to spend the evening while on night watch.   Stephen King and Dean Koontz give us nightmares! 


Your turn!

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I put the Soldier of Rome, The Legionary Part I on my Kindle booklist.  I think this might appeal more to Russ, but we'll give it a try.  Thanks.  Also looked up Volcano Caowboys on Amazon, but couldn't find it.


We'll be visiting an active volcano in Vanuatu next month.

 O do enjoy that visit!

Yes Volcano Cowboys can be hard to find the copy I have is an old library copy that I bought of Amazon. After Russ reads SOR tell him to drop me a line and let me know what he thinks.

Wow! wow! wow!  Mt. Yasura was fantastic.  Check out the photos I've posted on our blogspot worrallwind.blogspot.com.  Thought of you while we were there. Almost got clobbered by a pyroclastic bomb.  It landed behind us and was as big as an oven!  This must be what believers think hell must be like.
I went to the library today and got The Last Hero and Unseen Academicals both by Terry Pratchet.  I also got a romance novel by Beatrice Small.  I am not completely adjusted to my new glasses yet, so I figured I would get something light,
Thanks for sharing.  I hadn't really heard of Terry Pratchett.  Turns out he is Sir Pratchett and is well known for his writing.  I'll have to try out some of his work.
I like his work, because I enjoy fantasy and he is hilarious.  He is also an atheist, so there are man digs on religion in his books.
He's written so many books!  What would be a good starting point?  The Kindle store list doesn't seem to be in any order.
Finished just in time before the rapture: Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman. Hilarious!

Just read the synopsis and had to order this book.  :D

I just checked this book out and it's not available for a kindle yet.
I can't stop recommending Will Self's "The Book of Dave" to people everywhere. It's the story of how the psychotic, misogynist scribblings of a London cabbie become the basis of a new religion several hundred years in the future.

I'm also a Pratchett fan and can almost inhale one of his books at a single sitting. Can suggest his first novel, "The Carpet People".

Thanks Ian.  i've added The Book of Dave to my wish list.  I'm still trying to figure out the best place to start with Pratchett. Is The Carpet People a part of his Discworld series?   I'm thinking book 1, but not sure what that is.


By the way, It's late Saturday afternoon, May 21, here in Fiji and the rapture hasn't happened yet.:-).




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