... i have always wondered if there was anyone out there with even a passing similarity in their viewpoints and mine.

hi. my name is kir. it is pronounced like the english word "car", as in an automobile. i am heterodox. i am atheist. i do not define myself as such, i just happen to be so. i love and hate science. i am comfortable with ayn rand's objective egoism but proceed from her most fundamental moral and ethical theory to a progressive view of law, society and economics rather than a libertarian one. i think most of recorded history is a sham and a fraud; a con job perpetrated by the most powerful and wealthy of the world. christianity, islam and judaism are all part of that con. i don't like the soft sciences. i am a realist and pragmatist. marriage is about genes and money and love is about as real as santa and god. life is brutal competition and devoid of games. a healthy life is knowing that every moment of ur life should be spent doing something productive and u should feel morally bereft if you are not. the only free thing in this life is god's grace; and that is just a fairy tale. addictions are ur enemies elixirs. assertiveness is a virtue. complaining is not. independence is a relative thing and a healthy person seeks to maximize it. materialism is foolishness and the only durable thing u can leave behind before u die is a positive impact on humanity. money should be used to invest, not to buy "stuff". No chotchkies, salesmen or proselytizers in my house. 

anyone? cheers - kk

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Isn't everyone on Atheist Nexus a hetrodox?

Not a big deal.



great, thanks!

Nice to have you on the Nexus Kir.


Willkommen. (I speak English better.)

If you can tell in 100 words or fewer why you love and hate science, I hope you'll give it a try. I value science's insistence on evidence; it helped me free myself from the oppression of Catholicism's "We said it, therefore you must believe it."

Is the first purpose of law to protect the lawmaker? What is your progressive view?

Recorded history a sham and a fraud? If seen as political, intended to influence human behavior, yes. If seen as an account of what happened, yes and no. Religion is the biggest fraud of all, and it's political.

What in the soft sciences do you dislike? Their dependence on the uncertainties of statistics?

Love is about as real as santa and god because you have not loved.

Life is part competition and part cooperation and full of games. Did you grow up in a violent home? Describe it.

"...every moment...."? R U A grind? I don't "should" on myself or others.

A positive impact on humanity? Does it last long enough to say it is durable?

Money should be used to invest, not buy? Go ahead; make your kids wealthy. Ruin them.

What the hell are chotchkies? What nationality is "kir"?

Again, willkommen.


so much here. thanks for the thoughtful reply. i will have to address this in parts as i find free time to respond. meanwhile, i'll ask for some clarification before i reply. i was referring to history as a sham in the sense of ur first interpretation. i did not grow up in a violent home.


ur question about law seems loaded but fascinating. is there anything you can add to that question? what is a "grind"? what do you mean by the sentence, "I don't should on myself or others"?


as for love, i do think there is something called reciprocal altruism but that is chemistry. the belief in love is an opiate. "durable" is relative, but i do think one can leave a positive impact that lasts far longer than material things, which was my point. i'm not sure i spelled "chotchkies" correctly and probably didn't. it is a hebrew word that is analagous to the english word "nick nacks". kir is persian and another name for cyrus.


i do not agree that success and/or wealth is necessarily ruinous to a person.

You write English well. Is it your first language? Is Farsi?

History benefits those who tell it and costs others. The book "Lies My Teacher Told Me" will explain the use of history in American schools.

Law benefits those who make it and costs others. For instance, farm subsidies benefit farmers and cost taxpayers.

In "I don't should on myself or others" slur the 'should' and it sounds like 'shit'. This might have little meaning to people for whom English is a second language.

"...because you have not loved." Sociopaths (about 1% of males, 0.5% of females) know only self-love. Some of Rand's critics say she was a sociopath. Psychiatrists may refer to it as anti-social personality disorder.


Hey Tom,

is english my first language? yes, i was born in orange county california (yuck). my *mother* was born in iran and my father in srinagar. but i do speak farsi and more (some people are natzis about calling it "persian" or "farsi" - but either way is fine with me). my mother has been speaking fluent english and french since she was a little girl (and obviously farsi). she also speaks azeri, which is really a dialect of turkish; as u may know. my maternal family has azeri connections way back. my dad speaks urdu, english and french. can we get off of me now? :-)


I like what u said about history; inasmuch as i think ur right. i'm not sure about the law comment - i'll have to think about what u said for a bit to reply. actually, i did know what was meant by the phrase but i did not want to bring any pretense into my response. i think this phrase is a classic over-generalized statement. i'll discuss if ur interested.


as for sociopaths. i have heard something like this before. i just don't believe that "love" is what people think it is. in the case of sociopaths it is my understanding that their salient characteristic is a lack of capacity for empathy. i suspect *that* is where the "having not loved" theory is really coming from. if u cannot empathize then we just say, you "have not loved". maybe ... i'm not sure on this. as i've said, i don't have much interest in the soft sciences so i don't like this topic.


anyhoo, if i am wrong on this then i would have to concede that i have not loved easily. if love is real then about the only "feelings" i have would be love for my son, my mom and my dad. i'm an only child. that's all i can say.


so maybe u are right, but i'm not convinced at this point in my life.


and as for rand. i don't mean this in a personal way, but academically she comes off to me as creepy. she reaches conclusions about libertarianism that i do not believe are justified based on her predicates. only the very beginning insights are interesting to me.


hbu? is english ur first langauge? what do u speak? would u mind telling of some of ur travels? only child? 


btw, i did not mean to imply that california, or the u.s., as a broad generalization, was "yucky". i meant to say that orange county was "yucky" ... to me.

So...you are Persian. That's a golden heritage to be proud of... Me? I'm German-Irish-Spanish...so, Euro-pagan.

German-Irish-Spanish! that is a great mix. yes, very pagan. naughty :-)


well, yes, i'm a mut actually. i'm "exactly" one-half persian and one-half kashmiri. i look more like my dad but think more like my mom (the persian). 


pls tell me u don't live in Orange county? :-)



Long Hill, New Jersey.



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