Here's a fascinating math related video chuck full of your astonishing relatedness to everyone.

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Fascinating!!  This is why I love science over religion.  The truth is a far more interesting and marvelous story than any made-up religious myth.  I remember reading in Dawkins' "The Ancestor's Tale" that if you go so far back in evolution, we share a common ancestor with redwood trees!  How freakin' cool is that?!  

Ain't science cool! Shout out to my 'extended' family. Peace.

Jeremy Rifkin develops the theme of our interconnection with a view of human empathy expanding in response to our greater access to information. As McLuhan said that media of communication extends the nervous system, Rifkin goes into detail as to how it extends the function of our mirror neurons. His hopeful view of human advancement makes my day.

Great stuff, and I agree with the comment on the wonders of science.  I sort of knew most of this, but it was nice to hear it so concisely and quantitatively put.  I'm particularly aware of the relatedness.  E.g., Detroit's Jewish community is so close-knit and inbred that I swear they all look like cousins!




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