Hiding True Self at Work Can Result in Less Job Satisfaction, Great...

Rice professor of psychology Michelle Hebl says "...there are still some individuals who have difficulty embracing what makes them different, especially while on the job." "When individuals embrace their social identity in the workplace, other co-workers might be more sensitive to their behavior and treatment of individuals like them," said Juan Madera, a University of Houston professor, Rice alumnus and lead study author."

Personally, I think they underestimate hard core prejudice against the transgendered, atheist, gay, and those who have passed for white. The authors don't even mention getting beaten up or raped in the parking lot after work, just about casual prejudicial conversation.

After I Dugg the article, I posted this comment. "I think this depends upon the work environment, the community, and the particular true identity. If you live in the Bible Belt and work for fundamentalist Christians, it's not likely to make your work experience better to come out as a polyamorous, transgendered, atheist lesbian."

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That's great!

Yeah it would be career suicide here TBH.

Hi, I agree, Ruth.  Living in Utah(especially rural Utah)is kinda like the Bible belt, this is Book o' Mormon suspender country.

Try living in Alabama  :/




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