I've been inviting folks who've just joined Atheist Nexus, and haven't had time to figure out how it works. This discussion is intended to ease that learning curve.


The most common confusion I've encountered is that the boxes for adding comments and replies to discussions are easy to see, but how to start a discussion is almost hidden.

Look for a plus sign and blue words "add a discussion" above the bar setting off the comment wall.

 You don't have to be new to leave a question here. Anyone who is experienced, and confident of an answer can post one. You don't have to wait for me to respond.

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Thank you for the help.  I like this site, and will probably be on it more from now on.

Thanks, many sites have at least a small learning curve, and it doesn't help that with Web 2.0 sites, features are constantly changed or added (last time I was on before today, for example, I don't think there were "likes", but that seems pretty self-explanatory!).

Back when I was a kid, websites were boringly static and could go years without changing anything major...and we liked it! :-)

Thanks for getting me started Ruth.  I've been spending time on ThinkAtheist but really haven't tried out Atheist Nexus yet.  You inspired me to give it some time.

Here's a little navigation hint:


I just discovered that by clicking on a person's name, you get to their discussion page. 


BUT By clicking on their profile photo, you get to  their home page.  Just thought I would share this little tip if you haven't figured that one out yet.  It's not very intuitive.


By visiting a home page, you can learn a little more about a new friend or member.

Thank you.  I'm new to any sort of social networking, so this is exactly the sort of tip I need to get up and running fast, with fewer stumbles.

Thanks for this hint; I did not know it and look forward to using it. 

I just discovered that the add a discussion window has more features than either the comment or reply window. You can change text color, change text size, and attach files.
Thanks for this.  I'm still learning how this site works.  Nice to know I have a place to ask questions.
With a gizzillion freekin' blogs and groups and discussions and everything else I know I'm missing something really, really good, but I don't know what it is.
YES !  that's absolutely, incredibly perfect !!!!  :]

How to replace the anonymous red A with your picture. No, you won't find an option to set your icon in the page that has your photos. First find "settings" in your top right menu.

The first item within settings is the place to browse to the desired photo in your computer.

Good luck!


Favorite food and drink? ummm....that depends. I do drink a lot of diet Coke, and may be addicted to fresh hot pizza, and what is better then a hamburger?  Not the fast food hamburger the real ones, cooked (for me) rare and stacked with lettuce, tomato, pickles - wonderful.


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