I've been inviting folks who've just joined Atheist Nexus, and haven't had time to figure out how it works. This discussion is intended to ease that learning curve.


The most common confusion I've encountered is that the boxes for adding comments and replies to discussions are easy to see, but how to start a discussion is almost hidden.

Look for a plus sign and blue words "add a discussion" above the bar setting off the comment wall.

 You don't have to be new to leave a question here. Anyone who is experienced, and confident of an answer can post one. You don't have to wait for me to respond.

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Jovelean, I like Atheist Nexus far better than Facebook because I don't get a lot of people trying to convince me that faith in god, their god, is essential for eternal life (which I don't believe exists). This site is specifically for people who believe god/s do not exist, this life is all there is with no expectation of life after death, and there is exploration and experimentation with an idea of no personal god to answer prayers or give instructions.  There is no dogma, scripture, litany, hymnal, imperatives or rituals, no notions of exceptionalism, dominionism, sexism, racism, or theocentrism.  A lovely place to share ideas, feelings, experiences, hopes, dreams, and even fears and angers.  It doesn't take too long to realize the value of creating a vision of health and wholeness based on one's being.  Ruth provides opportunities for me to take on the challenge via memes. 

thanks so much, ruth - you're a genius :]
Not hardly, alexa.

thanks so much, ruth - you're a genius :]



Welcome, Alexa...and watch your step!  Falling at our age can be dangerous.  :)
I'm so new to social networking, I don't have any idea what a leaderboard is, nor do I understand the differences between a blog, discussion, or forum.  And that's just for starters.  Can someone help me out or direct me to a site that explains all this?  Thanks!
I assume the leaderboard is the list of "top members" on the main page, right side i.e. most active lately. A discussion, here, is equivalent to a MySpace thread. When you Start A Discussion, people can reply to you, and their replies form a conversation attached to your initial post. Discussions are the conversations that make up a group. This contrasts to adding a comment in a group, because every comment is loose, like a grab bag, and they don't ever come back to the top. Every time somebody replies to your discussion, it pops back to the top of the group's list, and you get notified on your profile page. A forum is like a discussion for the whole of Atheist Nexus, rather than inside of a group. Blogs are the opinions of bloggers. It's like a celebrity thing as I see it, rather than focus on a common interest by a group of people. All just my take, here. Someone else might be clearer.

Thanks for that concise explanation!

I see blogs as not necessarily a celebrity thing: plenty of ordinary people write blogs. Blogs highlight the stories and opinions of The Author(s) who write(s) the blog, even if visitors can leave comments on the postings.

In discussions, on the other hand, members of the community can start conversations and jump into them with equal voices.

(I've seen discussions called "forums", "threads" or "topics" on other sites; sometimes a "forum" is a group of related discussions.)

Heh,thanks! This site is really nice ,I'm loving it!
thanks for inviting me to this group.

The add a discussion was confusing to me. I only see a box with '+ Add'  to the left of my name just below the top navigation bar. One might think this has something to do with adding a name because of where it is located. The 'a Discussion' does not appear. I am using th elatest firefox

Doug. "+ Add" to the left of your name is about adding the group. It's at the top of the page. The link to "+ Add a Discussion" is only found on a group's main page, at the bottom of the discussions on that page and just above the Comment Wall. Look for the blue bar that separates the comments from the discussons above them, it's just above that blue bar and to the left.


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