So men will know what their wives go through giving birth, they are given equivalent pain for two hours. Of course actual labor for a first baby is usually much longer.

For English you have to go to YouTube and select the CC option along the bottom.

If men had to do this every time they wanted to impregnate a woman, there would be no overpopulation problem.

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If men had to go through that, there would be far less religious objection to contraception and abortion!!

Chicago Dyke at Joe.My.God. commented:

there is an awesome book by one of my fav authors, Sherri Tepper. basically, liberal aliens take over the earth, and give everyone what they want and need. in one part, conservative male politicians are taken, and inseminated with alien fetuses. because they have said they "value all life as sacred."

the fetuses develop in their bodies and then, because it's the way this alien race is born, chew their way out of the politicians bodies. they leave a healing slime as they go out, so there's no lasting damage.

the conservative politicians no longer advocate against abortion after that. :-)

Those appear to be TENS pads, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  The highest I've ever used one on is "30", but I know they go up to at least twice that.  Ouch!

I'm not going to lie.  I wouldn't mind making babies with those two cute guys. 

Humble Pie, I'm curious about your post.  What type of situation/work are you involved in where you would use such a device, if you don't mind me asking?

I used it on myself.  You get them from your physical therapist after being in a car crash or what not.  They exhaust spazzed-out muscles and cause them to become so tired they have to relax and stop spazzing out.

Thanks for the reply.  That's very interesting.  


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