We have members from both hemispheres and countless countries, but I start discussions on topics relevant to the US. I'd really like to hear from members outside of the US too. What's happening? How are you doing? What's bothering you or what are you celebrating?

How U doin today?

We're not a US ghetto, enrich us by sharing your lives too please.

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LOL.......  I live in Melbourne.... not much going on here.....  we seem to be doing very well in this global melt down with money issues....  dollar is good... economy is stable and politicians are getting on top of finances.


We also have other attitudes than US people here.... although I couldn't detail what...  but American's seem more out spoken or something...  Australians just don't seem to care so much.... LOL....

How is your radical, evangelistic Islamist* population doing these days? I have noted, over the past several years, that Australia has attracted a crop of immigrant imams with jihadist views that are refugee transplants from British and American culture. Has that issue ratcheted down some lately?

* (I use the term Islamist with definite intention.) 

I live in Melbourne - which I think has a lot of Lebanese Muslims, who are born in Australia.  They work in shops etc....  and are very normal people - I notice the women more, because of their head coverings.  They are all nice, out going and chatty....  with Australian accents...


I grew up in Leeds, and went to school very close to where the London bombers lived.  70% of the kids I went to school with, were Muslim, second generation from Pakistan.  Many of my Muslim friends from that time were shocked about the bombings.  Most Muslims are moderate, normal people, who are shocked at Terrorism.

I have many Muslim friends and acquaintances at the VA who are military veterans of various American postings and skirmishes around the globe. I hope you did not perceive within my question an Islamophobia that I assure you is not there. I was simply asking about recent turmoil in Melbourne and Sydney that occurred in fact and had nothing to do with my imaginings one way or another. Perhaps the news articles I read about it exaggerated the subject.

You know I have no idea about that.... I didn't even know about it!  It's like when everyone phoned me worried because I was in Bristol when they had the riots and fires last July....  the world is a big place...  event in city's and towns we can be totally unaware of what's going on....  it's all about watching the news I suppose....

People are still worried about the bankingcrisis here in Europe, but there´s not much we can do. It´s a guessing game: which bank is going to fall first and where are my small savings then... 

The autumn has been dry and warm - should be cool and wet, so I am constantly reminded of global warming. And that´s another thing I can do very little about. I cannot even sell the car, I never had one.

I took my demented aunt for her weekly walk this afternoon - the old people´s home is close by - and helped her buy little presents for other people in her ward. Sinterklaas is coming up, a good occasion for small surprise gifts. After December 5 it´s xmas-shopping, but I won´t do much of that, only put up a plastic tree in Aunt´s room.  




The banking crisis is scary. Our banks aren't all that stable either, but catastrophe seems less immanent. I guess the feeling of powerlessness is what impels some people to participate in Occupy demonstrations, to push for fundamental economic reform.

Do you still have some flowers blooming that would normally have disappeared by now?

It's so sad to have a cherished relative sink into dementia. You're doing what you can to make her life good.

Yes, I noticed the campanula is still blooming in my roofgarden; it should gave gone underground by now.

Your interest in people outside of USA, although a bit belated, is still very much welcome. We in India are doing fine. The economic crisis most of the world is feeling has had not much effect here. The biggest problem for us is the inflation, particularly inflation in food articles. Imagine an inflation of about 10% and you will have some idea of how we are doing!

This is not the point which we should be discussing . We Indians are very peculiar people, or should I say that we have become so? We do not oppose science at all and easily accept Darwins evolution for example. We would study this well in our schools, write science paper well and then would go to a temple to pray to the god that he should give us good marks!

India has the oldest tradition of atheists, but any thought of atheism is far far away from any Indians mind. I do not fear tellling anyone that I am an atheist. There would be no strong reactiopn before my face but there would strong murmers behind me. We believe in horoscopes, all marriages are fixed only after horoscopes matching. Age old blind faith is still surviving.

This by no means to suggest that we have no intellegient people. In fact, India is gifted with very brillant people, but, everyone these days is busy making money. Nobody has any other thoughts these days. 

Despite this, we are doing well in space research, computer software and even missiles. We have excellent astrophysists and nuclear physicists. With these factors and improving economic conditions, patriotism is also finding strong roots and our dear neighbour is doing best to inculculate patriotism in our people.


I apologize if I gave the impression of not being interested in people outside of the US. That was never my intention. Perhaps it was naive of me to be disappointed when non-US members posted discussions here less frequently. I just assumed you would know we cared about you.

Originally from the UK but reside now in New Zealand. Kiwis probably won't thank me for the next statement but New Zealand reminds me of the UK 30 years ago, in the sense that NZ has lots of churches.....’ so called well meaning middle class types', but people aren't that particular militant/radicalised. However I notice a lot of schools have Christian summer camps etc.......and I hope that religion just dies away slowly here with no big fuss. :)
Only 4 million people and many sheep/cows!! :)
The Christian battle ground is most noticeable/high profile in the US/Europe.........and I am sure that non-believers outside that US will support as best we can in slacking the strangle hold religion has over the American public. However the churches are now targeting African, South American and even China……..so the battle is going to be along one!!
Note that membership to nexus has passed the 25K mark and hopefully these organisations will make many Americans recognise that they actually aren't really religious at all....but tradition has just pre-programmed them? If we get the one’s that sit on the fence first then others may follow?
Keep up the good work and maybe one day reason can claim back this planet from those that want to see an apocalyptic end!! :)

Here in Kenya, its pretty much the African story of doom and gloom.The dollar has batterred our shilling senseless.Inflation is sky high and the pastors\bishops are making a killing exploiting the poor masses on the consequent economic gloom promising better times in the name of Jesus!The evangelical engines are revving up for kresimas.Our troops are still bogged down in Somalia chasing after the Al-Shabaab terrorists and doing quite a good job of it except some idiot judge has thrown a spanner in the works by ruling that we arrest Sudanese president Al Bashir when he next visists Nairobi causing a diplomatic row here.If we do that the diminishing ranks of those Al shabastards will swell with sudanese jihadists.And our only active credible Freethink\atheist outfit has finally crumbled to financial and social pressure and dissolved into Unitarian Universalism Church.Yikes!




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