I got a comment from Ivani do Araujo Medina that isn't English. The "Translate Page" thinga-mabob on the right side of the page doesn't have English as one of the options to choose. Anybody know how to use it to translate into English? Alternately, anyone know a site I could copy and paste into, to get a translation? I'm not even exactly sure which language it is. Feel free to check out my comment wall.

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I usually use Google Translate, with pretty good results.

Copy and pasted it into www.google.translate.com - keep in mind you first have to know what language you are working with.


It has a "detect language" feature that usually seems to work.
On the google page you can click "From" button and select "Portuguese"  to translate.
There's also Yahoo Babelfish (http://babelfish.yahoo.com/), which will translate whole web sites, not just the copy/paste.  The translations from Babelfish can be funny though, and I've found the Google's translations make more sense.
Thanks for the suggestion for Google translate, guys. But they want 6 cents per word and 48 hours to translate that comment. I'd prefer an instant, automated, free site.
I thought translate.google.com was instant and free.  It has been every time I've used it.  Perhaps I misunderstood you.

Ruth, just click the Google Translate icon above and paste in the text you want translated.

Human translation costs money.

I will translate it. Paste it to me.

Google.translate versus translate.google .....Interesting!



The link Ezra David Rose gave http://www.google.translate.com/ goes to human translation at cost, but translate.google.com goes to a free instant service.



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