It was nice and cool here in Kansas for the past few days.  Starting today though, it's going to be in the high 90s for the next several days.  Which is why I mowed my lawn and worked in my garden yesterday in spite of somewhat muddy conditions.  Ha ha! To all my neighbors who looked askance at me for mowing while there was still some muddy spots.


What's the weather like where you live?  As sorry as I feel for myself(only a little bit) for the high temps coming here , my friend in Houston said they've barely had a day below 100 F for weeks,   

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Too @$%^ HOT!!

lol, nah, But, lately we've been hitting about 32-35C (about 88-95F)...and its only supposed to get hotter by next week....predictions are set to hit triple digits

-_- Ugh...and I'm NOT looking forward to it...
I hope that the power does not go out.  We had a several hour power outage last week.  I hope they fixed the problem for good, this is not a week to be without a/c.
I live in a small town about two hours west of H town, and it was 105 last Saturday.
It's supposed to be 92° F today in Mobile, although where I work in downtown, with all the concrete and glass, it will be much hotter. The relative humidity is 82%, so that 92° will feel like 122° F.
That's what my friend said.  Here we have all this rain and flooding and there she is worrying about fire all the time.  :o(

It isn't quite as dry here, but I talked to a friend out in Snyder the other day and she said they are terrified of fire. 


I, too, love the pray for rain bullshit.  And isn't it obvious why the lightning is starting fires?  Gay marriage in NYC.  Duh.


I don't know how long you've lived in west Texas, but let me assure you that this is the hottest dry summer since a 2 or 3 week heat wave when I was a kid.  Hay is going to be expensive this winter.

Too bad you don't live in San Antonio.  I lived there for four years and really liked it.  SA is a fun town.

It has been an absolutely gorgeous summer here in Detroit!  Temperatures have stayed pretty close to average with a couple of cool days, a couple of too hot days, and a couple of really rainy days.  Last summer my house was almost like a tomb with the central air on the majority of the time, it was soooo hot and humid.  We have a hot sticky weekend coming up, which should be good for the boaters and swimmers and it is the 4th of July holiday.  


REALLY hoping we keep the comfortable weather - easier on my budget and I will actually be able to be active outside.  Happy 4th, everyone :)

24c (75F), but our weather has changed quite a bit from what it is traditionally.  We are normally very dry prairie grasslands, and last year was our wettest on record.  This year looks like it's going to be even wetter.


I'm in Wichita and it's suppose to be well over 100 almost everywhere in Ks the next few days. Oklahoma and Texas too. A huge high pressure system is over us pushing the jet stream way north.

It is so hot in Louisiana that me and my mother are going to get all the pets shaved. Yes, a little fur won't hurt..but it's been 103 degrees some days and I just cannot imagine my pups overheating because of their fur coats.

It is so hot here that if I walk outside for too long, I end up with blisters on the bottom of my feet from the hot concrete. I was only stupid enough to do that once(it was 105) because I wanted to see my boyfriend's sister.

Monica, depending on the breed(s) of dogs you have, you may not want to shave them.  I would contact your vet to be sure.  For some dogs, their fur is insulation, keeping them cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather.  Another thing to consider is how much time they spend outdoors in the sun.  Without their fur, they can become sunburned just like we do.  I know some experts who recommend putting sunscreen on dogs ears if they have think fur and noses if they are light skinned :)




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