It was nice and cool here in Kansas for the past few days.  Starting today though, it's going to be in the high 90s for the next several days.  Which is why I mowed my lawn and worked in my garden yesterday in spite of somewhat muddy conditions.  Ha ha! To all my neighbors who looked askance at me for mowing while there was still some muddy spots.


What's the weather like where you live?  As sorry as I feel for myself(only a little bit) for the high temps coming here , my friend in Houston said they've barely had a day below 100 F for weeks,   

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We've had mild spring weather here in Los Angeles, but this weekend the temps are predicted above 100, unless you're within a few miles of the ocean.  The humidity will be low, which makes the high temperature more bearable, but makes wild fires harder to put out.
Here in Long Island New York I've taken to sleeping on towels in summer months.
Here in Long Island New York I've taken to sleeping on towels in summer months.

It's been around 27C (80.6F).

The widget on my computer says that it's a balmy 71 degrees here in Cleveland, Ohio.  Not that long ago, we had a couple days in the 90's, but not recently.

I get the feeling we're in for a screwy summer.

Me too.  And I think Texas is in for a big hurricane before it's all over. 
If the tornadoes that just came through are any indicator ... yeah, I'd be ready to batten down the hatches for sure!
102 in Dallas yesterday and 103 today!

I too live in Ohio and the weather lately has been in the seventies and breezy.  In northwest Ohio it is flat and windy.  This is good for me because I try not to use the AC if I can avoid it.

I try to acclimate to the heat because once I use AC, it gets harder to go out and work on my gardens.  I don't think I could cope with the heat down south.

We got up to 65 today...  I'm in WA though, so we won't see 80s for at least another week or more.  Even after living in LA for a few years, I can't believe people survive the heat like they do in AZ or Texas.  Ugh, poor things!
It's AWFUL here in NC. 90 today and this weekend is going to be like 97, UGH and humid of course. I can't stand the heat, would rather be cold any day.
it is July 1st, and it is supposed to be just like the weather was in Ks. that started the post.  It is summer, so I guess that could explain it...




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