Is there a corollary to this, how theists see atheists?

How most professors see you

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Anybody except other 'clearly defined' atheists think I'm a preacher. I don't proselytise atheism, I just feel strongly about it.
No, but that's they way I see many theist - without the thing on the end of the stick.
Theists have the God training wheels still attached. They likely see atheists as having been severed from the tree of life or written out of the book of life, their idea of good orderly direction..

But if a jerk sees you as a decontextualized brain with research as your only virtue, it only becomes applicable if one accepts this abstraction as valid. And even then it does no justice to what the whole atheistic person brings to life.

"How I see me" qualifies as a corollary more important than how most professors see me.


I see validity in, "I act in a manner that will result in others seeing me as I see me."


That is, "If I think well of myself, I act in ways that will result in others' thinking well of me."

Ditto for "If I think poorly of myself...."


A theist recently told people who know me that I worship at a Church of Satan.

My public reply, "Where will I find a church of Satan?" won some hearty chuckles.

My private reply: "That theist needs to worship and can't conceive of people who have no such need."


My professors generally were atheists.  Just lucky, I guess.

A great many of my Biology professors are atheists;  also my Philosophy professor. 

I had a theist tell me that Atheists are all angry, unhappy and argumentative and like to argue with believers and cause problems.  He told me that they enjoy fighting with believers. 

I would attribute this if I could, but I found it on google images.  If anyone can link to the original artist, please be so kind as to do so.  But to answer the question, yeah, I think this covers it:


The question I get a lot is "what made you angry at God?" or something along those lines.  It is impossible to explain that you can't be angry at something that doesn't exist to you.  Anger and fear are likely reactions to my beliefs.

My reply is usually "Your belief comforts you, as my belief (in the physical world) comforts me."


I would like to be able to discuss the Bible as an historical record and the human nature as presented in the parables but I have yet to meet a Christian comfortable enough in their faith to look at it objectively.


Really sad for me is that my daughter recently joined the Catholic Church, where I was educated until the sixth grade.  We can not have the conversation I would like to, and so I wait.  I have faith that she is open enough to eventually see the contradictions and sillyness of it all.

Jane, what makes "I'm not angry at what doesn't exist" impossible to say?

My relation with an older sister born in 1928 (I in 1930) showed me a gender cause and a generational cause for what was an impossibility in her life, an ignorance in mine.

Its gender cause? After she died eight years ago of smoking-related causes, my other sibs returned to me letters I'd written to her since the mid-1960s when I moved west. I read the letters and saw that in the 1970s I was telling her "Stop pretending you're not angry!"

We grew up in a violent home. She learned how to act out anger better than I. Our dad sent us to Catholic schools where we learned that anger was sinful. I had no children and had time for therapy; I learned how to feel it coming and speak it. She had children and had no time.

Its generational cause? During the 1980s, a few therapists were still saying anger is a negative emotion. I had learned that fear provides the energy for flight and anger provides the energy for fight. Post-retirement volunteer work I did showed me there were fewer prohibitions on expressing anger.

There are, of course, economic and educational factors too.

You didn't say your daughter's age when she joined the Catholic church. It may matter.


Thanks for your reply. 

I re-read your response and I can't quite tell; do you think I have suppressed anger toward the Catholic Church?


That may be.  The Church has, in the past, behaved in ways that would provoke anger. But I left religion simply because my belief in science was stronger.  By the time I was 17 it had become clear to me that we lived in a beautiful physical world,  and we should enjoy all it has to offer.  That has been enough for me.


My daughter is in her mid 30's and has a 6 year old son.  She thinks that children need some sort of (outside) moral structure and she chose the Catholic Church because it provides the most structure.


I went with her for her confirmation and for the first time I can remember, I felt anger.  My grandson returned from the kiddie class with a coloring page that had some long forgoten apostles with little flames floating above their heads.  This had an equally absurd story of course.  I spotted another cartoon with a scene of Lazarus being rasied from the dead.  The best I could do was to correct the story and explain that the town's people had mistaken Lazarus' condition (coma) and Jesus was more aware that the man was not really dead and nursed him back to heath.  Lame, I know, but it was the best I could do on the ride home.


Funny, the relegious thing was no big deal in Miami.  Here in Central Florida, like it or not, you are steeped in the brew of salvation.  Maybe she is bowing to peer presure from neighbors, friends and local family members and will return to her good sense soon. 


In the meantime I will continue to expose my grandson to the wonders of science and hope it takes root.

Why didn't you send her to a UU church? They have structure for kids too, without the memetic poison.
I think your outlook on the situation is inspiring. I have a 4 year old son and understand the need your daughter feels to have help creating moral structure within her child. I believe she is going about it the wrong way but if most people truly listened to what is said in church and read their bible they would come to the conclusion that its not where anyone should get their morals. I am betting she will realize that as well. For my child and am focusing on critical thinking skills and an emphasis on science hoping that it will do the same: take root.




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