So, this morning, I was at my local coffee shop as I am most weekdays between bus runs. I do the editing on my husband's books so I had my laptop with me. My wallpaper is a picture I found online sometime back of a double helix with the word atheist extending from it.
Every Tuesday, a church group meets for socializing at this coffee shop from the local Nazarene Church. I usually just stick in headphones with music so their imbicilic ramblings don't drive me insane. I had yet to do this, having just booted up my system. I have had this wallpaper for quite a while and actually put it on there because of said group and their chatter. Anyway, no one had ever said anything about it previously. Today there were a couple of new people there. I was sitting there with my back to them and one of the women comes over and asks me what the double helix meant to me combined with the atheist label because she had a doctorate in biology and used the double helix to signify the complexity of god...ummmm...I am ashamed to say that this caught me off guard and all I could say was science.... afterwards it occurred to me that a good response would have been "that science can overcome any mythology". Any other good responses?

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Every time someone wants to allege that something like DNA has to have a supernatural origin, I find myself coming back to two words: Physical Chemistry.  Now, granted that I am not a chemist or a Chem-E (chemical engineer), but what I understand of physical chemistry is that it's the study of what is possible within the chemical realm, the dynamics of why certain reactions can happen and others can't, as well as the properties of individual elements as a product of their electron orbital arrangements.

It seems to me that a progression might be studied as to just HOW self-replicating molecules such as DNA developed as a function of PhysChem.  It would probably be a very long and intricate description (appropriate, as from the time Earth was created to the first known life was around 600 million years!), but I suspect an answer is there ... and the answer sure as hell ain't "god!"

Christina, a famous member of England's Parliament long ago said the best speeches are given in a carriage on the way home.

Something in you told the woman that to you the double helix meant science, and then implied that you have work to do and don't have time for a debate. Something else in you wanted a debate and a better reply came later. Welcome to politics.

I believe you hit the nail on the head there Tom.

I too often miss opportunities to express my respect for those who cast off superstitions and require evidence before making claims. Those who pretend to know that god exists have nothing to offer me and I have heard all the blather about other people's gods that will last a lifetime. 

Incidentally, Christina, I have many relatives in the St. Maries and Emida cemeteries. One of my grandmother's sisters (the English family) owned the grocery store in Emida and another of her sisters (the Middleton family) lived in the house outside of Emida that had a barn below and the living quarter above. They grew and delivered fresh vegetables to the mining and lumbering camps of the region. 

Small world :-)  I am a transplant, myself.  I have been here 2 1/2 years; moved here from Iowa City, Iowa.  It is definitely a bit of culture shock for me.  




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