Let's have a feel good discussion. Everyone needs a little pick me up now and then.

Hug for U

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Funny how the best pictures of laughing men, where they look relaxed, seem to be in contexts where they just got or are about to get lucky.

Sorry about the watermark.

Yeah -- those models!
Halloween is my favorite holiday! I just love it!

Happy Halloween all!

Happy Halloween! It's already November here, though!


Man, I was tossing candy out to everyone yesterday. It was awesome!

I love it! Thanks and Happy Halloween to you too!

This is how I feel on a sunny morning in my sunroom lounge chair.

Sunbeams and Calm

Oh so lovely Ruth! I will have to favorite it!

Those are such cute pictures:) Does anyone here love pet rats etc

Two minutes of *sigh* with David Attenborough.

OK - here's hugs for everyone!




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