New Displacements Associated with Conflicts & Disasters in 2015

Whole populations on the move, needing the necessary supplies of food, housing, healthcare, education, etc. A mixing of nationalities, races, wealthy & poor, healthy & sick, educated and uneducated on the move looking for better lives. With 7,000,000,000 people impacted in one way or another. Conflicts of politics, religions, lifestyles, on and on, the risk of violence goes along with the migrations. 

We know this is going to happen. Can nations develop plans to manage these changes? Can individuals be resources for solving conflicts? 

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Last night on public radio I heard about a new study, finding that in the context of refugees arriving in Europe, investing one euro in welcoming refugees can yield nearly two euros in economic benefits within five years.

"Refugees will repay EU spending almost twice over in five years - report" (The Guardian)

"Why refugees should be seen as an investment, not a burden" (Washington Post)

Full report: Refugees Work: a humanitarian investment that yields economic dividends (Philippe Legrain, May 2016)

This encourages me! It seems as though EU has done some planning for the expected changes taking place in moving populations. I hope it works. 

From bits and pieces I've heard on the news in the recent months, it seems the EU has plenty of "Not In My Back Yard" sentiment, fears that migrants will be a drain on resources and/or take jobs away, that they won't assimilate, that they'll bring radical and violent ideologies.

That is what I am afraid of. They will not assimilate and will begin to push for stricter codes, and impose upon women in ways we haven't had since after the WWII. I expect they will be nice neighbors and friends and slowly encroach upon our more progressive standards. 


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