It seems a new spammer contaminates our community two or three times a week lately.

I really feel stupid when I go to the trouble of welcoming them, before I see their spam posts on other members pages, as I did with Pascalina today. *banging head on wall*

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I see those spammers a lot on the Nexus -- but they all have different names and profile pics.  They must have a team of them or the same one keeps changing accounts and creating new ones.


"Changing accounts and creating new ones" has been used by corporations and governments, with advanced, automated tools that generate "personal" details and create suitable activity for "pre-aged" accounts that look like human beings. I wouldn't be surprised at garden-variety spammers using simpler techniques in the same class.

(This article is about astroturfing for drowning out real people in web forums, to promote pro-corporate policies.)

The need to protect the internet from 'astroturfing' grows ever more urgent

I'll e-mail you an aspirin.  Welcome to the club!  I've fallen for that sort of thing. too  Actually, I'm surprised we don't get more of that sort of thing here.
Aaaw, well just think of all the little legitimate n00bies you have welcomed though!   :D
heh, man they arre stupid, they seem to have the word love in there email addy, so they are easy to spot
Tara is right -- you have welcomed more legit members than fake ones.  I felt accepted into the community when you welcomed me.  When I joined here around May, I wasn't sure what to expect.  It is an important role that you have Ruth.  Welcoming newbies is very supportive and helpful.
Very bot like these spammers!
Very bot like these spammers!
Very bot like these spammers!
Very bot like these spammers!


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