It seems a new spammer contaminates our community two or three times a week lately.

I really feel stupid when I go to the trouble of welcoming them, before I see their spam posts on other members pages, as I did with Pascalina today. *banging head on wall*

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What? brother richards not omnipresent?????
No. But I am omniscient. I knew you were going to write that.
lololololol sorry i jusdt counld not resist

Before the foundation of the world, I knew you were going to post this cat pic Ruth. 


Respect and fear my awesome power!


pretty please. :P

No disrespect intended. Just ROFL.

See, I would have told you were going to do that as well. But, it would have affected the free will I have given you. 


Now, I'll shut up and get back to work. 

hey bro, can you put me in yer will too. (i only asked because i knew youed be expecting it)
Stopz!! U gunna mek me peez




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