I'm not an atheist until I accept my blue-green algae (pond scum) ancestors.

Some of us have always been atheists. Some of us are moving toward atheism and the changes can be hard to accept.

Having distinguished ancestors is nice, but how distinguished is pond scum? What's okay about being their descendants; what's not okay?

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Well, the less musical among the human family have been fighting over ancestrial homelands and blood lines since before the periodic chart of elements. I don't think faith in any process solves the problem either. I know my parents and grand parents and at least one great grand parent were people. I met them. My ancestral homeland as a further consideration seems to have been some sort of fretted or fretless instrument.

In the recent past, Indian Space Reasearch Organisation (ISRO) had sent some baloons in the outer atmosphere to study the micro organisms present there and they foud that out of the many micro organism they found there, almost all were of the kind found on the earth, but there were four organisms that were not found on earth. Obviouslly, they must have come from somewhere in the space. Many years before, some scientists had said that the evolution of life on earth took place from such organism that must have come from space, probably through asteroids. The above ISRO experiment shows that this could be possible. It is also known that clouds of life forming chemicals, such as formaldehydes, are floating freely in the universe. Therefore, if there is some truth in these theories, then pond scums may not be our ancestors!! Our ancesters may be ETs!!




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