Today, I heard Seth Andrews talk about the question, "If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?"  

My first thought was religion, but after a few seconds I decided it would be irrational or anti-scientific thinking.  That would take care of religion, "alternative" medicine, and all the other woo out there.

I think getting rid of irrational thinking would go a long way towards getting rid or hunger and disease, which was Seth's first two things.  Getting rid of irrational thinking would save all the incredible amounts of money being spent on religion, "alternative" medicine, and all the other woo out there.  It would also save a lot of time that could be put to better use.

I would also like to get rid of tyranny, which was his 4th thing.  I think my one thing would go a long way towards getting rid of that as well.  Tyrants often use religion to fire-up their supporters.  They often use emotional appeals instead of rational reasoning.

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Violence, and creulty

Hear, hear!

A corollary: also getting rid of the idea that WAR -- sending people out to fight and maim and kill each other -- is an acceptable, glorious, noble "last resort". Though we humans do have (among many other things) an appetite for violence, and we'll have to realistically deal with that somehow while shaping the society we want. More on that at the group Partnership Vision.

The one thing I would vote for as it comes to ridding the world of something would be: IGNORANCE.  I don't care whether it's purposeful or incidental, losing ignorance I think would go a long way toward curing what currently ails this planet.

If I had to add one other element to remove in addition to the above, it would be AMBIVALENCE.  Too many people know something is wrong, yet cannot be bothered to act on it, thinking they can't make a difference.  Knowing that something is wrong, combined with the understanding that you CAN change things would make for an interesting time, indeed!

I have to say, though, that I am in complete disagreement with Seth as it comes to the last item on his remove list: guacamole.  He must have had some really lousy guac for him to want it gone!  [grin!]

I suppose Seth is being humorous about guacamole, be he sounded serious.

I don't care for guacamole, but it's not bad. The main reason I don't eat it is because it's a waste of good avocados, because the other stuff put in it, overpowers the avocado taste, at least for me and my 76 year-old tasting apparatus. 

I'd also add INDIFFERENCE to other people, or whatever the opposite of empathy is. Rationality, knowledge, and the will to act don't guarantee that we'll care about more than a small group of "us", never mind "them".

Seth's and Spud's distaste for guacamole just means more of it for me! Yum! :)

(Which reminds me of one version of the "Taco Bell Canon", whose repeating ground bass has the lyrics "Gua---ca---mo---le,   Gua---ca---mo---le" [ad nauseam]. Yet another tangent: Rob Paravonian's Pachelbel Rant.)

I agree, getting rid of ignorance worldwide would make an incredible difference in how the people of the world live and work together. 

In the flip side, in addition "to getting rid of ignorance", I would add seeing that everyone has an opportunity for a basic education, especially women.  

The item that quickly came to my mind is GREED.  Greed causes so much unnecessary suffering in this world.

I'm a big fan of Seth Andrew's, but he can go get bent for his comments on guacamole!  LOL

My sister makes it and leaves out the cilantro because she doesn't like it.  That's just plain WRONG!  

Genetic differences make some people perceive cilantro as vile and soapy-tasting. That is wrong; it's not fair that they don't taste it as the great pleasure you and I know!

Grinning Cat, I didn't know some people had such an extreme reaction to cilantro.  

...I love cilantro in Pho noodle soup....

I didn't know that either. a soapy-tasting substance does not sound desirable for me. 

The first time we had cilantro was in Portugal. We thought they hadn't rinsed the plates properly. But we've grown to really like it.




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