So we can picture you sitting at the table with us, how about telling us your favorite food and drink?

I'm Ruth and you'll find me eating a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt, constantly refilling my teacup from a gigantic pot of hot green tea. (I share, you're welcome to some tea. :D)

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Tea, yes but English style: black tea with milk. With it, bread pudding or ginger nut biscuits. The biscuits have to be dunked, very quickly, in the tea and rushed to the mouth before disintergrating. All my family are addicted to them and having opened a packet have a hard time stopping.
Sounds good mate!

Love food. I'm originally from Gibraltar in the Mediterranean but I have lived in Sweden for 12 years. Have to say I have enjoyed the gastronomy of Sweden, especially the baking and dairy products. I moved back to Gibraltar with my Swedish partner and our daughter and now I am back enjoying the Mediterranean diet :) Tapas and some Rioja red wine whilst sitting on our balcony is our idea of Valhalla :) 

I just had a big cup of chocolate mint ice cream w/fudge on top......I cannot get enough chocolate since I quit smoking.  I still want a cigarette too......heavy sigh.
I smoked for over 50 years and loved ever drag I took.  I don't know how many times I've tried to quit and failed.  But a year ago I bought an e-cigarette and haven't had a real cigarette since - the nicotine  and the sensation of smoke is still there but the tars and carbon monoxide aren't.  It didn't curb my chocolate cravings, however.
same same same same same
coffee all day. tea all night. sooooo comforting...

Can I please have one of those triple shot iced coffees with beans that they grind in, or at least a strooong latte? 

Hello I"m tanya and i'm always late except for facebook, and i have a 12 year old around whom the world revolves, apparently. I'm surprised you didn't know. 

So please count me in, I may or may not need to duck out for a cigarette, depending what phase i'm going through, but don't find me rude. 

I'm struggling to finish my second manuscript so I will also be in and out of the zone. But nice to see y'all and please contact me if you need me for anything. 

really great way to start off Ruth, nice!

Alright, so, I don't actually think i have introduced myself proper. So,while  my profile page already says a good deal about me; Let me elaborate. 

I am typing this while living in a small town in Southeastern Indiana- or, as I have figured out, The worst place to be in almost the entire country on some counts. Sometimes. Secondly, You'll normally find me on the interwebs, but not here, so if I am not very active in this here group I aplogise. Thirdly, I have not been very active in the Atheist movement for a goodly deal of time, in fact, I was not even aware secular groups existed until I left high school. 


Alrght. I second the motion for green tea :) I suck at intro's anyway. I rather hang out with people in person. More fun, and you get to share a cup o tea. So if there is anybody who happens to be in IN... I'd be interested. Anyway, hope everyone has a nice weekend. 

Hello table mates!


I'm Roz, and tea would be fine!  Usually though, I'll be drinking a cup of coffee with cream if it's before noon, and sparkling water or a home brew of vanilla/mint iced tea until five.  Then I switch to red wine.  Dark chocolate bark with almonds helps the liquid go down.

This is my first post here.  I propose a toast to making friends.  I'd like a nice glass of plum wine, which I haven't had in far too long, to go with my favorite food, sushi.  Tuna is my favorite though I know the mercury isn't good for you, but what is these days? 

I would have the tea, but I'm not allowed to have caffeine anymore.  On my last dr's appt she asked me, why my heart rate was 116.  I bought decaf coffee that day and a week later it was down to 98.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted, but I do miss my eggnog coffee.  :( 

Since it's after 12, Happy Friday to all. 



Mmmmm - food.  Some of my favorite memories are of the large Italian family dinners that lasted for hours.  The women and some of the men in the family were superb cooks with a large store of recipes many of them generations old. The food washed down with a good red wine left all in a pleasant, sated stupor.....hmmm – I think I need a snack.




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