We chose the name National Atheist Party because we are a party composed mainly of atheist members. To attempt some sort of nomenclatural dodge, in an attempt to obscure that fact, would be both unsuccessful and transparently obvious.

We consider ourselves a voting bloc, a demographic that has not been dealt with politically before. In 234 years, the atheist population of this great nation has been denied political representation. In poll after poll, we are universally derided as the least trustworthy of Americans (thanks, majority). We feel that it is time to take this word, this descriptor, away from those who would use it pejoratively.

No less a figure than Richard Dawkins has been asking for years why atheists don’t organize politically. After all, by some estimates we represent some 10-15% of the population – that’s a larger voting bloc than Jews, African-Americans or many other minorities. Dawkins threw down the gauntlet and we picked it up. We are the National Atheist Party whether you, or anyone, likes it or not. All we ask is that you do not misrepresent us.

Additionally, government must be atheistic, regardless of the religious beliefs or non-belief of the individuals who serve in government. We are the “atheist” party for several reasons.

  1. The founders of the party (Troy Boyle and Mark Smith) are atheists.
  2. We know that there is a bad connotation to the word, and we want to reclaim the word and make it a positive connotation. Much like the African-American activists of the 50s did with “negro.” They don’t use it now, but it was a necessary first step.
  3. Humanist and Secularist are terms that the public doesn’t understand very well.
  4. Religious people do not call secularists, secularists. They call secularists “atheists.” So you are one whether you want to claim the label or not. When 80% of the population calls you an atheist, you should own up to it and depower them, not scurry to find some other less castigated term, in the hopes of escaping the stigma. As far as Christianity and all other Abrahamic faiths are concerned, Atheists, Humanists, Secularists, Pantheists and Pagans are all going to Hell.